Starbound Body Inflation Mod Help

I definitely need help making a mod for Starbound, but with body inflation rather than weight gain. Specifically, sprites for the seven races in the base game so I can blow them up like balloons.

EDIT: I don’t want this mod to blend with Big Fatties, but rather, having it be a standalone mod.

EDIT 2: After talking with someone on the forums regarding programming, I’ll probably check out the Big Fatties Discord sometime within the year. Also, I’ll need (I can’t believe I’m saying this since I’m not a big UT/DR fan) bloatgoatasriel’s sound knowledge, but this thread focuses mostly on graphics. So, if someone can provide me with the base sprites of the seven races, I can edit them the best I can.


Badda-bing, badda-boom, one search result later and I have your sprite sheets (and all the extra sheets if you need them) if you were still looking for them. The VG Resource has what you need!

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Thanks. I’ll go check 'em out.

EDIT: Sonny and Dazz on The Spriters Resource did an amazing job ripping these sprites. I’ll get to work on them sometime before 2021, since I have other things to do, unfortunately.

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Pretty sure all the sprites Starbound has are uncompressed and unencrypted. If you have the game installed, you can just dive in the game files to find what you’re looking for.

Already got the sprites from TSR.

So which the body inflation style would you prefer in the mod? Only belly inflated, full body, heavy bottom(pear shaped)?

Full-body only. I don’t like bottom-heavy.

Do you to plan to show the progress of your mod? If you are going to release the mod, will you release in versions or just one complete version?

Anyway i’m looking foward to your mod, man.

Just one complete version will be all.

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So are there any items and foods in mind to put in the mod, like an air pump, an inflating weapons, bloat fruits?

Of course there are. Ranging from bloating beans to an infinite air tank.

About the inflation sprites, do you have any kind of comments about spriting the chars or something about?

Well, it’ll probably take me a long time to sprite the characters, considering that I have to do other things in my spare time.

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In a greatly inflated mobility, would the character slowly walk while wobbling or rolling around like a ball? Either way it’s okay.

Walk, roll, float, you name it. There’ll also be ways to deflate, including one that some people might not like.

If i can help i can make up some inflated stats too:


  • The most inflated you are, the bigger the damage you will took from sharp weapons and hazards
  • Like in BF, your walking/running mobility will be prejudiced and your hitbox will be bigger, both proportionately with your inflated body


  • You won’t float like, but your jumps will be higher than before


  • The noble gas will help you float to the skies, but you are going to need some weights and ropes to keep yourself on the sky line

Water or any harmless liquid

  • If you stay in the water or any of the harmless liquids like Erchius Fuel for too long, you’ll start bloating up after your breath bar is emptied


  • As long as you get inflated, your hungry bar will never go down.

I hope it helps…


Thanks. Also, there should be additional things like the following:

Oxygen Tank/Helium Tank: Both dispose different gases, and it can help extend the breath bar by a certain amount.
Juicing Room: Only used for Blueberry status. While you lose the status itself, your skin stays blue until a few minutes have passed.
Air Pump: Useful for inflating NPCs or friendly characters.
Familiar Yellow Balloon: Contact with this baby will make you inflate for 15 real world seconds. The appearance and name are different from the source material.
Toy Balloon: Using the action key will make it inflate, and will use up some of your breath bar (which replenishes as if to catch your breath before blowing again). However, if it gets too big, it’ll either burst or blow back.
Familiar Harpoon/Pump: Enemy characters can be pumped up to bursting with this bad boy. Be careful, because enemy characters can and will escape and deflate.
Bloat Beans: This musical fruit will make your character blow up, and automatically add a tool to your lineup to help you deflate. Don’t use near Novakids, however, because the gas is flammable. And if used as a Novakid, the results won’t be pretty…
Playroom: A useful room to play around in on your ship. No sharp objects or pointy enemies here.
Blueberry Ray: Turn friendlies and NPCs into your own personal blue playthings, but don’t overuse it on a single friendly/NPC, because they might meet a juicy end.
Tether: Useful if your character is inflated with helium. The super-heavy weight tied to it will make sure you have enough players floating together in one spot.
Faucet and Hose: Fill up with water using this, but don’t go overboard. There’s enough water on planets as it is without spreading more in a watery blast.
Balloon-shaped Enemies: They are color-coded: Red for air, yellow for helium, green for gas, blue for water, etc. They’ll home in on the player and can be killed in a single hit from your default sword. Sometimes won’t get off until you’re done for.
Bloat Scorpion: This scorpion injects helium rather than venom from its tail. One sting, and you’ll blow up, possibly in more ways than one.
Blimp Candy: Not suitable for Penguins. You’ll bloat up temporarily when this candy is eaten.
Inhale Tool: Suck up air/helium/water like a familiar pink puffball with this tool. Doubles as an Exhale Tool for when you want to return to normal (except with water).
Iron Lung: Grants the player a “Hiccup Inflation” tool, which allows your character to knock back surrounding enemies or NPCs with a mere press of a key.


-Make the air pump applicable to yourself too.

-About the playroom and the juicing room, how do you imagine the design of the rooms?

-There’s at least two types of tether: A light version to keep yourself and the players in the air but not floating away; and the heavy version to be fixated in one spot.

I’d imagine the playroom as a fun area full of large toy balloons, and the juicing room would be based mostly on Faridae’s interpretation of said room.

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And for another thing: Gradual inflation like fattening in BF mod, like with the pump, the canisters and scorpions. And sudden inflation instances for the Yellow Balloon for example.