Starbound Body Inflation Mod Help

Exactly what I was going for. Also, there’d also be the following stats, similar to BF:

At Limit

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The buffs and penalties depends on what inflated you, whether can be air, helium or water.

Exactly what I was thinking. Blueberry only stops at Near-Limit, by the way. Also, one of the penalties would be vulnerability regarding sharp objects/enemies, but a buff would be higher jumping height for air. Water would have the penalty for doing the opposite of air’s buff, and helium would allow you to float freely as long as you’re nowhere near the unbreatheable parts of space, which would make a character immediately reach the At Limit stat before bursting.

So bursting means the characters death, right? And going to the space without the EPP is instant inflation?

Exactly. The EPP is important if your character’s on the verge of floating into space.

I’m curious about the controls for the mod, is there a way to switch the way to move while inflated (from walking to rolling and vice-versa)?

You only roll when filled with water, air, or blueberry juice when at the Inflated stat and onwards. Helium will make you float in the very same stats.

I mean, can you switch from walking to rolling movement with water,air or blueberry?

No. But, you can walk as long as you’re not beyond the Bloated stat. Also, when your character has reach At Limit and keeps filling up, an ominous heartbeat sound will play, getting louder until your character’s demise.

In deflating yourself, what are the ways of deflate yourself and the npcs? Besides the Juicing Room in Blueberry.

Well, if you’re filled with water, you can spray enemies a la Super Mario Sunshine, for example.

And if it’s air, you can blow the air inside of you like a toy balloon deflating.

That or you could deflate out the other end.

Ooh that’s the way of some people wouldn’t like…

Fortunately, there’s an option to disable flatulence-induced deflation for those disinterested.

Are there other aesthetic options for the mod, like the belly style in BF?

so this is a mod know not just a discusion?

The mod is in a long WIP state, but fortunately, I’ll be done with it in a few years, what with taking care of my father and all that.

ah ok cool I just asked since it sounded like the mod was done and I been looking forward to it. but yeah real life is more important

About the Inflation Mod, there’s a Discord Channel about SB Big Balloons mod, but it’s kinda stopped due to the lack of activity in there…