Starbound Body Inflation Mod

I’m planning on making a mod for Starbound where the seven playable races can inflate like balloons. Here’s some details:

For one, it will be incompatable with Big Fatties. For another, it’ll just affect the following races: Human, Avian, Apex, Novakid, Hylotl, Glitch, and Floran. It won’t affect any additional mod races, unfortunately.

There’ll be a shop that you can place on the planet itself rather than inside the ship.

There will be different types of inflation: Air, Helium, Blueberry, Gas, you name it.

Bursting will happen in the mod if the player or NPC of the seven afforementioned races is inflated too much.

This will not affect the NPC races like Penguin.

There’ll also be a mechanic where sharp objects like spikes will deal more damage when inflated.

Lastly, there’ll be specific weapons and “tools” that the player can use.

I’ll be making this mod sometime in the future (with some help, of course), so please look forward to it. :wink:


would you be able to have Bif fatties and just not be affected while having this mod? (i mean have BIg Fatties enabled)

Sorry, Silent_Songs, but this mod will conflict with BF. Anyways, I posted something on the Art Help board regarding this topic.

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You’re asking for far too much, y’know. You ain’t gonna make a mod like this easily, especially if you want several different types of inflation.

Instead, focus on the basic type (air) first, then try to make a toggle for helium. Blueberry is liquid, which would conflict with the lightness of air and helium. You’d also have to make a toggle for bursting. A lot of people don’t like it.

You’re seriously asking for far too much with this idea. Unless you have a good bit modding experience, I don’t think this’ll be even started any time soon.

another thing that could work is just ya know, toggle between them if you have them both downloaded like, heck! you could even try to get in touch with the BF makers and ask for them to do a thing, that auto toggles or something, like activating one mod will auto deactivate the other one if it is active, of course, just poppin ideas out! and I mean, this can just be like, an if for if big fatties is in, im completely sure it could work bf too

That would require a rework of how BigFatties works, unfortunately.
Plus, iirc, the creator doesn’t like inflation.

true true, well ignore my post then

Popping won’t be the only thing with a toggle. Some people may not like it, but there’s a toggleable deflation method involving relieving one’s GI tract. Anyways, I’ll consider starting with helium/air, then move on to other things like the toggleable popping and GI relief. Of course, there’ll be a toggle for the latter for either safe (where the player simply deflates gently) or lewd (where the player deflates by burping and, well, you don’t wanna know), just like Boundless.

I still think you’re trying for too much.

Okay, so my mod idea seems too ambitious. But, I’ll need someone to code for me, since I can’t code worth a darn, someone to rip the base sprites so that I can modify them, and I’ll need the help of (I can’t believe I’m saying this) bloatgoatasriel…

Sounds like you…need to commission a coder who’s willing to do this!

There’s just one problem: I don’t have any money.

Well golly gee! Don’t be a choosing beggar.
Work isn’t free. It takes time.

I understand. I know when I’m beat. I guess the mod will be put on hold. :sob:

Is incompatibility because of technical stuff or is it your choice?
Also, do you have any experience doing this kinda stuff or is it just another project that might die after a while?

you can still Plan it out while you wait to commision it

Hey man! The first thing I recommend is to visit BF Discord. Maybe someone has already started an inflation project. In addition, if you are still going to make this mod, you can contact me. I can try to code something you want. For free of course, because I just like coding. :upside_down_face:

Thanks, Corbin. Even though I lack a Discord account, I think I’ll give the BF Discord channel a shot one day. :smile:

Really love the idea of someone wanting to make an inflation add on for BF! Also, I can help with your problem of not having the base sprites! As a high quality ripper myself, I’ve used a tool that can turn .pak files into comprehensible folders. Unfortunately I can’t find the link to this tool or any one that i trust to do the job but anyway here’s the entire contents of the humanoid file! (912.0 KB)

Thanks for the humanoid file, but like I said, this mod will be incompatible with BF.