Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

Working on it right now!

Nice work! I’ve done something like that before, but I didn’t change the legs. It’s looking pretty good so far!

I’m on a roll today, here’s the chubby lyceen.
Not much to do now for the chubby bodies now.

this mod-ception is looking great!

Having fattened up one myself, I can say it does indeed match the character’s skin.

Oh thank god becuase I looked through the files and it was a normal human palate no the gradevan one

First of all, thank you for creating this beautiful mod.
2. Thank you Glasscannon for Lyceen icon fixes
3. What do you all think about creating 24/7 server with this mod?

I’d like to join, but I don’t know how would I do that.

Well, I created two versions of the server. One with Frackin Universe and one without.
Just tell me which one you guys prefer and I’ll host it. You need to have big fatties, mod fatties and mod fatties installed to join.

Do you need Frackin’ Universe to play the Frackin’ Universe server?

Yea, or it will crash.

Well, since I have a lot of mods that are slightly incompatible with FU, I’d want you to go with the latter. But if the server gets hosted with FU regardless I’d install it anyways.

So in an interesting turn of events. The update I have planned is still a bit off, but those extra armors and something extra will be coming eventually. But I’d like to point out something that’s already taken my mind for another update. In which I’ve made a discovery that corrected a misconception I’ve held onto simply because it was what I thought for about two years now. The fatty body is in fact, not too big for the chest frames. As I’ve recently found out when working on that extra thing. This of course means that, also eventually, the fatty body will join the variety of thick, chubster, and plump.


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What? Wow, that’s interesting to find out. What caused you to discover this? Also, I’m not sure if I’ll like this kind of new fatty body… I’m so used to the old fatty body.

I’d personally prefer the one without frackin universe

It’ll be the same, just chopped up so that the legs and belly will now be separate. But yeah the belly is pretty big, and the size of plump is having trouble keeping up. And the way I discovered it is when I was working on that extra thing. Which I don’t want to say what it is just yet. Just that it is something that was planned and is finally getting around to.

You’ve caught my interest with that “extra thing” mentioned. Do you have an ETA on that perchance? (Also, congrats on passing 500 posts on this, would’ve posted something about it earlier but I’m new to this site and it wouldn’t let me reply.)

Bruh, please share with me the race file, i cannot find a file that works with my ‘‘100%’’ legal game

Strange. That screenshot looks like a different weight class than the fatty model already in the mod. Somehow you say that’s the same one…

Actually I just realized that’s thinner legs being used on a fatty sized belly. I see it now.

Yeah those are the plump legs. Really puts the fatty belly into perspective. It’ll be easy to cut out the belly onto the chest piece. But its gonna be another to fill in the empty space that it obscured for the legs.