Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

sorry no, I meant mod mod mod fatties races . pak

yeah it’s part of modfattiesraces.pak so if you get that you should already have it. Still I apologize for not responding

do you have a protogen mod that supports the big fatties mod?

No, I don’t have a mod that adds support to the Protogen for Starpounds.

do you know how to create a mod?
i did started working on one but it got harder to retexture them in the same way it is
I am stuck on the part fatty so if you want to finish it you can tell how to send it to you

I have little to no time these days to work on the sprites. I will not be able to help you here.

If someone has the time, can they please make support for the Braixen race? Thanks!
Here is the race!


hello, wonderful mod mod, but where are the original “subject” (milky subject, floor subject, ceiling subject) sprites from?

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Does anyone know what’s wrong with the titanic and huge stages of granular Avali weight gain?

I don’t think they exist yet.

Whenever I try to use a surprise bag for the swimsuits or clothes, it doesn’t work, what’s going on?

From my experience, the species may not have a swimsuit pack. For example that I can use, the Lycanroc race does not have the swimsuit stuff so it doesn’t work, but the Lucario race does. so you might just be playing with a species that doesn’t have a swimsuit.

Ah, Now I see, thanks!

I think you kind of grabbed the wrong link I think you meant to use this one Steam Workshop::Braixen Race Fired Up + Delphox

Can we also get sprites for the Spirit Tree Race mod?

Hey, I wanted to call attention to this, because Idk if this mod even works anymore, or if anyone is updating it, but the most recent public version of big fatties is breaking a lot of the sprites. The ones I’ve tested so far include:

Lucario: Immobile sprite doesnt show
Dark Latex: Doesn’t work at all
Lyceen: Doesn’t work at all
Lombax Race Redux: Both the pointed and striped dont work at all
Umbreon: Immobile sprite doesnt show
Argonian: Blob and Immobile sprites dont show
Felin: Doesn’t work at all*
Gardevan: Immobile sprite doesn’t show up

If the updating stopped for any external reasons, that’s fine, but I just havent seen anyone talk about this yet. I’d like to see this get updated, but if it’s also cause of starpounds being made, that’s fine.

*Tested this with the cuter felin mod on, so I dunno if that would break it, I dont think it would, but idk.


You might have tried of the WIPs for StarPounds, which had a complete rewrite of the base code and how the mod generally feels and work, so of course all the other mod’s mods that used the old code are bound to stop working. I’d suggest you to join the StarPound’s discord server if you wanna actually follow the development and download addons that actually work with the newest versions of the mod.

No you’re not wrong, I had problems with the immobile sprites too. Of course, to update them now would be almost pointless, what with the new sprites coming out and all that.

As of right now, the main two options we have are the following:

  1. Fix them ourselves (not really many people eager to do that.)
  2. Don’t play with those races, wait for the new version to come out and hope someone updates them then (or wait for the version to come out and then do option 1.)

It’s not flawless, but I’ve been playing modless races for a hot minute now, and I gotta say, it’s not so bad. It teaches you to appreciate the fundamental values of “working with what you have”, and (in my opinion) gives more value to the current races, as since there is less of them, each one is more dense in value.

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That’s fair, it just sucks that this is broken now. Not entirely stoked for the starpounds mod cause it seems to be more of a progression system in that mod, not necessarily a mod where you can just get big from all these enemies that have the capability to bloat you up. I’m fine with the approach, but man, does it feel slow. I guess I should just tell them that…