Starbound Mod: Starpounds Big Fatties

I’m just wondering, if I use the GitHub download, can I add new races that other people have made?

yes the github version is less stable but hass ALL the up to date changes.

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Wait it does? That means I can use the latex mod?

bro the github version has a special hup were one if not i think 2 outfits are sold and sized up for the mod that are latex/ black slime like.

Edit: really recomend joining the discord you will be keeping your self up to date with the mod better and any questions you ask there are answered quickly too :sunglasses: :+1:

Note: the race your looking for may not have its model size up for the mod but im sure the github version will provide work arounds.

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Okay, thank you! Plus I’m on mobile so I cannot join the discord :frowning:

Does anybody know the spawn codes for the starpounds enemies, so far i know ‘mootant’ and ‘fatghost’.

I didn’t find the.pak file either. How did you solve it?

click on code you will see this drop down then download the zip

then when you open it useing 7Zip there will be these folders inside

put these in the ( MODS GO HERE ) folder and you (should) be good. You will need a char creator expansion mod cuz the OG UI wont allow the new Race to be seen.
REMINDER!!! if you want legit help and the most up to date versions or info about the mod join the discord its my best tip the creators are friendly and super helpful same with the rest of the folks there.

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people I’m confused. Starpounds and Big fatties are different mods? It’s just that when I try to install them together my game crashes. If these are two different mods, then which one is better to download?

, I have successfully solved this problem.。Thank you very much.

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Hello everyone, I’m new to the mod (and starbound as a whole) so this might be kinda of a stupid question: how can I see my character from the front view like in the top right corner of this image? And most importantly: if it’s possible, can I do it at the blob size?

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You cannot, that is just a furniture item. Starbound characters aren’t capable of facing directly towards or away from the screen.

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Alright, that makes me a bit sad. Thanks for the answer!

They’re the same mod, but in different and incompatible eras. The project started as Big Fatties, but a major revision introduced the new name StarPounds and made many previous complementary mods incompatible. All new updates of Dispatch’s Starbound wg/expansion mod are going to be released under the StarPounds name.


Does anyone here know how to unlock the recipe for bottled honey?

last i check you don’t it only drops from killing bee type enemy’s i recommend using hunting weapons as they have a increase to drop for monster kills such as hunting spears and bows it can get grindy but also check and see if there’s a mod in the workshop for it.

PS: i did try breeding bees but you only get honey jars not bottles which is 2 different items which yes its stupid but what can ya do T.T.