Stardew Fatty Discord (New!)

Stardew Fatty and it’s accompanying mods have migrated to a brand new Discord Server found here!

Stardew Fatty and it’s accompanying mods transforms the bachelors and bachelorettes of the Stardew Valley video game into chub loving gluttons which you can feed, fatten up, and fall in love with. Not only that, but almost every interactable character has unique spirits that continuously get fatter as you interact and “feed” them!

Hi! My name is Himmy! I’m the creator of the newest Stardew Fatty Discord server. With the help of the active mod authors for Stardew Fatty and some of the most active members of the previous discord server, we banded together to breathe new life into the Stardew Fatty Community. We’ve successfully migrated almost every member of the previous discord to this new and improved one. Not only that, but we received a seal of approval from the original server’s owner, who had sadly lost their account.

I hope to see you all there! Much love from the Stardew Fatty Discord Team <3


So many server owners have been losing their accounts lately, it makes me wonder if something is going on.

The original owner lost their account almost 2 years ago, so thankfully I think we’re safe. At least the folks over in Stardew Fatty

Has there been any noticable progress since the last server? If I recall there was an issue where the sprites could no longer fit through doors, which would break sequences cause characters to dissapear, it was one of the major hang-ups that was slowing down development.


We’ve been working on that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hello! I’m back at it again with another update post However, this time it is good and urgent news!

Reven (Our head Mod Dev) has made excellent progress on what will be the future official, one and done, Stardew Fatty Mod. This means a lot of good things!

1. We will have a default baseline mod for the game that covers EVERY NPC (Not just the women) Meaning, each character will be able to get fatter and will have accompanying dialogue.

2. When this is officially released we will be able to focus on other aspects of the game. Gender Bends, Animals, Events, etc.

3. This is a mod that will very likely have a large variety of plug and play features such as different dialogues and sprite sheets to choose from. You want a pear shaped Abigail, you got it? You want her to have a big soft fluffy belly. You F-cking Got It. You want Abigail to be a bit gassy? You got it. Don’t like gas? You got it. YOU GOT IT

So why am I telling you all this cool stuff… Well, we are lacking content in some areas and that’s a bit out of our teams control as of right now

We’re not trying to ask for any charity and no one is obligated to help out. We just want the community to know that progress on this Mod will be slow. We want y’all to be excited but we don’t wanna bite off more than we can chew so we can’t give you an exact deadline. As it stands, you can try out the Combo mod from #:construction:incomplete-mods in our Discord server here Stardew Fatty

Thank you all so much for the support :heart:

Please try to spread the word about the server, we want as many people as possible to experience these mods and our community. Much love from the Stardew Fatty Team <3


Hello my fellow fluff lovers. I come bearing some long awaited updates to our Weight Gaming Page.

All of our modders have been working passionately on their favorite projects! From Genderbends, fatter abigails, and dialogue mods! Below are some previews of our newest works! Stardew Fatty

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Here’s a sneak peak of Sabrina! A gender bend of Sebastian!




Our various Abigail sprite sheets She’s kinda a favorite~


Some Emily love!


A sneak peak at our Fat Sam Mod!


And possibly one of the coolest new additions to the Stardew Fatty Vallley!


From the brilliant Artist and Creator PlumpyBread lover of fat boys, here is



Is he still working on this? I though he was taking an extended break from this kind of content, per his twitter (I can’t see any recent tweets since he made it private).

Yeah, he’s still on break!

i made this, if you wanna use it go ahead!


I hope it’s weight gain mod and not just sprite change .

You know I actually have a weight gain mod for Sam , it was error the first time i try it , but after some code editing i am able to make it work , I don’t remember where i get it and I copy paste the manifest from another mod , unfortunately for me the sprite is now outdated for 1.5 and it has no dialog change , I was going to show it to BitterBosc [ he also made stardew fat mod Supersized Bachelors at Stardew Valley Nexus - Mods and community ] But I can’t find a good way to contact him . I know you guys are more focus on female characters , but if you guys willing to work on male weight gain mod , I can send you the Sam weight gain mod that I found and fixed , maybe you can update the sprite and add dialog change

Join our discord! We’re not a team, just a group of modders who work on fatty mods for stardew. Our mods increase their weight in correlation to the heart system, so the more you bond with someone the fatter they get. We also have dialogue mods that are weight gain related

Join our discord and come hangout! We’d love to have your sprites!

I already in your discord server for at least a year , that’s why I know you guys are more focused on female character . Tell me what channel should I upload the Sam weight gain mod to ? The one thing I don’t like about Discord (and Twitter) is how ease it is for your message to get buried by other’s