Stardew Fatty Discord



That’s the Discord server for the Stardew Valley fat modding community. It’s a pretty active Discord and there’s a download pinned that has just about every fat mod ever created.


Why does everything need a discord server? And perhaps if there is a pin there with all the stardew valley fat mods, maybe you could actually put the links into this thread so people can find them if that server exer 'splodes.


Mods are generally less popular than original games here so I posted a link to the Discord for people that might be interested and want a more active community.


Well if you guys don’t feel like joining the discord I’d be more than happy to leave the compilation link here as well!VSRy3KRa!6nL4PrOllYypWf577jfXaR2IFlHN52Oh4-VnalVt_-E this version is the most up to date one with the inlcusion of th e"found" stardew fatty 1.04