Starting New

I’m making an attempt at imitating Loupai’s Elflands with a smidge of other games that have gone under over the years. I’ll be releasing information as I get more in depth. I’d love to hear ideas or requests before I finalize the project! The goal is to have the weight gain aspect with some descriptors, some solid transformation aspects to villagers, and possible oviposition/force-feeding/environmental gaining aspects. I’m looking forward to dropping information as I go along!


Welcome @Brawn75 to weight gaming. Elflands is definitely a bit of an oldie and wouldn’t surprise me if there are quite a few people are unaware of the game itself. Good luck to you.

Well, I’ll be watching this topic for quite a while. I know it. I know though that some people are afraid of the fact that even though leupai fell off the face of the internet, it is possible he comes back and copyright would be the main issue. Boundless 4CE got shot down a while back. If you understand this may happen and that you won’t care, go for it, nobody except leupai is stopping you, and I would think there is a chance leupai moved on (his FA account I could find, but disabled access to the account, and patreon seems silent). Since the games are pretty complicated, it’ll take a lot of work. You could make a discord and showcase progress, but that’s all up to you.

I’m assuming Brawn75 is simply talking about taking inspiration from Elflands, and not making a copy of the game/setting. “Imitating” might not have been the right word in this context, but it didn’t read to me as a project that would have to worry about being stricken down by Leupai.