Hi there i just found a really awesome 18+ game and i thought let share him over here because some part of the game have some weight gain fetish. the fact is you buy slaves to do the sex thing. but you also set there diet and make them by the day fatter. and its really beatifull to see. below i set some info and the site where you can download it free. and maybe some credits for the designer.

What is Stationmaster?

Stationmaster is a city-building and brothel-management sim with 4X space strategy gameplay that makes you the owner and operator of your own space station. Your primary goal is to build a small-time floating brothel into a galactic empire. How you do that is left completely up to you.


I remember finding this game on TFGames and playing it. It seemed pretty good at first, but the content quickly delved way outside my comfort zone.

Whereas Free Cities, another slave-managing game (there’s a WG mod for it on this site), encourages you to keep your slaves healthy and happy, Stationmaster seems to actively revel in the misery it subjects the slaves to.

Let me give you an example. I’m playing the game, when suddenly I get a message about some sorority girls going on something of the space-faring equivalent of a backpacking tour. The game gives me two options: ignore them, or to “Have some fun.” Naturally, I picked the latter. Now, what does my character do? He goes on a fucking killing spree. No joke. He sneaks into their sleeping quarters and starts slitting throats left and right, leaving only a few traumatized survivors, whom he enslaves.

Look, I actually like the fantasy of fattening someone up against their will, but this was light-years beyond that. Even the slave markets are filled with the ambient sounds of women screaming in no small amount of displeasure. It’s fine if all of this is still up your alley, but I really thought that I should warn people about this. Also, considering how extreme the non-consensual content is, I doubt it’ll stay up on Patreon for long.

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As far as i’ve played it, the weight sliders are still broken.
That was six months ago and wasnt a priority when i brought it up.

Thank you for posting this warning. Had been debating checking it out, but after reading that, I certainly don’t need to try this game. There’s dark, then there’s dark…

If people somehow aren’t creeped out by that, then I imagine that they will be when they see that the character models have faces dug up from the deepest gorges of the uncanny valley.