Stomach Radio Assistance

For the Starbound Big Fatties/Starpounds addon that I am working on (Starbound Big Fatties: Fat Items), I want to create a ‘song’ that is essentially a lot of churning, gurgling, and other stomach noises. I have practically zero experience with soundmixing and song/sound designing so I figured I would turn it over to someone more experienced.

My ‘requirements’ for this are listed below:

  • 1 - 3 minutes long
  • .ogg file (Starbound prefers to use those files; if needed I can convert the sound files into it myself if the creator is unable to)
  • Good knowledge of sound design (Much as I would love to have someone with a professional skill level, I am more than happy with amateurs and proficient artists)

do you have samples you want to use already? gonna be kinda hard to get anyone board w/ a project like this if you just say “here, do all the work for me”

Appreciate the advice there.

I do have some sound bites that I would like to be used directly or be similar to them. Honestly I don’t really have any major preference for what audio is used aside from not wanting to use too many sounds from Jeshke’s audio packs (due to personal reasons).

Sound Samples: (649.8 KB)

Your best bet is to get an understanding of foley and how sounds were historically emulated/synthesised the old-fashioned (and most accessible) way. You don’t need to be an expert, just look for resources on this and I think you are more than capable of figuring out how to create slurping, gurgling (etc) sounds on your own, without expensive mics, DAWs or begging on the internet.

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I was able to make a rough mockup of the of the radio, but it would help to have some audio libraries to work with. As good as the Starbound and Starpounds sounds are, they are fairly limited in what you can create. (771.8 KB)