Starbound Big Fatties: Fat Items


In the new updates and in general, one thing that had bummed me out was the lack of furniture. As such I decided it would be fun to edit some posters and make some furniture for Big Fatties. Fair warning, quite a few of these involve the Felin Race Mod and Avali (Triage) Race Mod so if you’re not a fan of fat anthro cats then this might not be for you. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to have any of these mods installed to use the mod besides Big Fatties since it uses the shop to actually have the items buyable.

Here are some examples of stuff I made myself and that are in the mod:



The poster, furnishing, and even a food vendors are all separate from one another. Also included is a much-needed total renvision of Beautiful Attempt. Thanks to Nara and Oden Derg for the sprites

To anyone interested, here’s the download link for the latest version:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (766.6 KB)

Archived Versions

Version 1:
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (42.7 KB)
Version 2:
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (68.8 KB)
Version 3:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (99.1 KB)
Version 4:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (146.7 KB)
Version 5:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (210.0 KB)
Version 6:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (274.3 KB)
Version 7:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (286.2 KB)
Version 8:
Big Fatties - Fat Item (372.9 KB)

I had help from an friend who wishes to stay anonymous in making this mod and my friend @FatioCatio for feedback on these posters, Nara for making with shop animations and various items, along with the assorted strangers who helped out as well, I can take requests and ideas for future posters, though you should know that not all requests can be fulfilled with my skillset and I do have some stuff I do not want to make.

Update on 8/17/21: Due to my non-existent progress on the mod, from hereon out of anyone wants to contribute via their own items to the mod, you are more than welcome to. Any contributions will be listed both in #community-content on the Fat Items Discord Server and on this very WeightGaming page. This is not a limited-time event and will likely go on indefinitely, with no limit to the number of submissions. All I ask is it be something more than just an idea, whether it be sprites, code/item files, or a fully completed item ready to go.


Woo! I was considering making some furniture too, but then I realized I’m underqualified. Glad to see I’m not the only one who had that thought!

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Wow, now I want to do posters too. Too bad I have no idea how to mod :upside_down_face:

Can you do a fat male poster of this race? Mephetor-Skunk Race | Chucklefish Forums

I’ll give it a try, though I might not be able to or want to do it.

Hey there, how do i install this? I must have missed some instructions, sorry!

It’s roughly the same as the Big Fatties download (but without going through Dropbox). Download the zipped file, extract it, plop the new file into the mods folder like you did the Big Fatties one. And yes you have to put the entire folder in since it is not compressed into a .pak file.

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I noticed this before but did not want to work on it; the posters are misaligned and do not have the same hitboxes as other posters of the same size. I’ll be working on a fix but in the meantime feel free to enjoy what you’ve got

The issue has been rectified, here’s the updated poster link along with the initial download link being updated:
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (42.7 KB)
Just a heads up, you might want to remove any of the posters you placed down to avoid issues with the new hitboxes

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Though the next update is still quite a ways away (only done 3 posters so far, 2 of which are edits of edits), there is something rather noteworthy coming up in the next one…

Once again thanks to my anonymous friend for all the coding help they have provided me with and though it is not perfect it should do the job just fine


Update 2 is now complete! In addition to new posters and tweaking values of some older ones, the Fat Posters mod now has its own shop (no animation or lighting since I am still learning)! The initial version will still be available to anyone who wants it, since I will be creating an “archive list” for previous versions of the mod in case anyone is interested. So without further delay: Here is the new update! Enjoy!
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (68.8 KB)

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Update 3 is now complete! Along with having new posters as usual, there are now a select few furniture and other items sold in a separate vendor curtesy of a very fat lucario.
Still no animation for it though if anyone is interested in making one, I have no complaints and in fact I might enjoy collaborating with others on this mod (like I somewhat am but far more active).

So here you all go, cheers!
Big Fatties - Fat Item (99.1 KB)

Edit: Unless you are in admin mode the item show does not show up in the crafting menu


oh yoo glad to see this mod expanding past posters! i’ve always thought there’s a lack of furniture, but never got around to making stuff myself. def will be downloading and using this mod

I still have no ideas for new items, posters, or furniture. Any suggestions would be nice

Not sure if you’re up for scripted items or if you’re just making decorations, but a utility item that would be nice is a sort of “temporary fat storage” that reduces your weight a certain amount but fattens you back up when the item is dropped or removed from your inventory. Useful for when you need to get through doorways or up stairs without carrying a treadmill everywhere.

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Cool as that would be, that is completely out of my league in terms of programming

I dowloaded your pack and it’s really good! The posters in particular sport some really nice pixel arts.
If i can help with spriting stuff let me know. I’ve been editing the files in the main mod for a bit now.

Update 4 is now complete! Along with a few new posters, we now have shop animations thanks to user Nara who I am now collaborating on with this project. We have something special planned in the future but given our limited coding experience it might not be possible for now. In the meantime, enjoy the new goodies!


Unfortunately there will not be another update for quite some time. Right now me and my friends have not made much progress on the mod and our idea bank is pretty much out. If you want to contribute, provide ideas, or just see how things are going, I have started a Discord Server that you can join if you would like. I am fairly inexperienced with being an admin so don’t expect everything to run smoothly. With that being said I am looking forward to updates for this mod coming out more frequently and of higher quality as well.

The few screenshots look great, might reinstall Starbound and BF just to see the rest of the mod.