The Growing of Plafoki - Roleplay Server Opening

Set in a victorian-era fantasy world, the outpost of Plafoki located in the heart of the magical (and “expansive”) wilderness is requesting aid from adventurers and commoners alike following a devastating raid. Strike out into the wilderness in missions and expeditions, help repair the town itself, or simply be present in the town itself, the damaged town needs all the help it can get.

Heya, some of you might recognize me from some of my works here, mainly Starbound Big Fatties - Fat Items, but I am happy to announce my own roleplay server is operational and ready for anyone interested. The server focuses primarily on weight gain related content but any kinks or sexual content that is not illegal is allowed here. This server also includes:

  • Magic, Victorian technology, magitech, steampunk, oh my!
  • Player-driven narrative and character progression
  • Gameplay-influencing guilds and factions
  • Ongoing town development and evolution
  • Rewards for Game/Dungeon Masters
  • In-depth market system

Link to the server itself:


we’ve been a small little corner for RP for a bit, but we wanted to open it up for some more people to really get the server rolling.~

partially a bump, but also to say that we’ve been doing a bit of adjusting to the character systems, and we’ve had a few new people hop in since we advertised here.~

some player-run missions have started to elaborate on the magitech aspect as well! we’re always happy to get people moving towards missions, casual RP, or just some tubby shenanigans with other folks.

Update on the server: Currently we are sitting at just over 50 members with around half a dozen super-active players. Some new areas and even new mechanics have been introduced alongside various other things. We are hoping that the server can get more members in the near future, but we are continuing to iron out any issues or troubles going forward.

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