Stuffed! The Worlds Greatest Food! - Shatteraura, therealfalconpawnch7 and Caruso's Submission

In Stuffed! you help the adorable Ashleigh run the world’s greatest restaurant: Stuffed!

This is a management game! Hire staff members and serve the customers to make sure your reputation and money soar! Run out of either and it’s game over!

To Win: Invite the Critic when her button is highlighted. Impress her enough times to win!

You lose if: You run out of Money or Reputation.

(There is a slight loading time coming out of the introduction! There is no quit button except on the main menu… It also doesnt explicitly say that you win or lose… You will know when you have though!)
(I really hope I fixed most of the bugs - Shatteraura 2020)

Download it Here:

Notes from the devs:

Programmer and Mechanical Designer:
Shatteraura: I am happy with how the project went but damn I wish I had just one more day lol. I learned SO much… So much I would have to re build the project from scratch to want to work on it again XD I would like to thank my amazing team, seriously guys thanks for sticking with me :slight_smile:

therealfalconpawnch7: I’m excited about maybe continuing work on this game, and I am available for Commissions if anyone is interested! - therealfalconpawnch7 - Hobbyist, Artist | DeviantArt

Storywriter and Concept Designer:


Are you still uploading it? Excited to give it a spin. :slight_smile:

We’re in the middle of final bug fixes for the contest it should be up soon.

Bump to let you know the download link is up


Aside from that I’m having like. Immense trouble selecting and deselecting staff members.

ok big issue, I’m not sure if other people had this but once the employees read weight:5 i can no longer talk to them, and their pictures are of their beginning weight

Strange, I did not have that issue when I tested it.

Found part of my problem: You have to carefully manually deselect the employee you choose, before selecting another, or it gets completely screwed up.

I can also confirm weight stage 5 is not working right.

I had kind of assumed that weight 5 meant they were no longer capable of working. That said, not being able to converse with them (or getting a flash-moment of the prior conversation before auto-closing it) does seem like a bug.

In one case I was able to keep a weight 5 person working, and the graphic looped back around to weight 1.

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Strange. Shatter is asleep at the moment though so there’s not much that can be done. Can try to get a patch after Judging is done.

Okay so selection as far as I can tell is working as designed, while a little clunky I havent had any issues with it… However guess who capped the weight number incorrecty >.> It should have capped at 4 but it caps at 5 so yes indeed it does break… How irritating lol

Yup just found it, weight not capped correcty darnit…

Can confirm weight 5 should not have been reachable, the max weight was off lol.

So, i’m going to say, this is definitely one of my favorite entries out of the game jam, besides the 5 glitch it is an absolutely amazing concept and i hope you continue with it post-jam


Thank you so much @Altair123 , and we are definitely considering continuing progress on it!

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I have a odd bug where a large portion of the left and right screen is cut off, and i don’t know how to fix it because there is no settings, I can see the names of waiters, but the like critic is cut off and i don’t know if there is anything else besides that i cannot see

Unfortunately due to limitations the game was built with a very specific resolution in mind so I had to disable the ability to change it. Apologies it’s entirely my fault, there isn’t anything I can do with the current version to fix it but I will endeavor to make any future versions more resolution change friendly! - Target resolution is 16:9 if that helps, it claimed it could do 16:10 too but when I tested it myself 16:10 didn’t display properly for me.

are you planning on patching the weight 5 bug

I run into a bug where you can no longer select a employee if they are selected in yellow , I tried to clicking the white squares to no avail strange enough this effect would spread.

Not bad at all! Reminds me a cabaret game that was entered in last year’s contest, I believe. Also had everything to do with managing the weight of staff, talking with them, and getting them bigger. The big difference here is (imo a good) change from the system of fullness to an AP system and a much higher number of hiring slots. I was a little confused by the ultimate goal of the game, as it seemed to just end abruptly when the critic hit her max weight and was stuck on a picture of Ashleigh posing with her. Would for sure like to see further improvements.