Succubus of Gluttony V0.12 - Work Resumed 28/03/24

The post for Freshman year is up (working title) there’s no download but if there’s any question, suggestions or even at the very extreme ideas then by all means go dribble some ink or crayons or whatever you people type with.


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So i’ve had a crazy few months, just signed the lease on a house, new job, moved etc etc etc.

Bouncing back to succubus, freshman wasn’t going quite where I wanted, I still love the idea of a broad scope choose your story type game and some other creators have executed it quite well but I’m not quite adept at renpy or python as a whole to pull it off, why couldn’t it be java based cries in mono-lingual

I’ve tidied up a few UI’s, changed some dialogue and I’m now starting to polish some of the stage 1 content before blasting through to stage 2 content. Added a few more stats that will influence the outcome of certain story events later in the game. (For anyone that read the story on DA, think that time daryl decks a jock at the reunion, well now theres a strength stat!) This will affect stuff like, what you can make for Yev, (which is already implemented), certain actions, like carrying her to bed if she’s too full to move (strength). Certain lore drops or general perception of whats going on around you (may open up different responses or actions) (intelligence) etc. There are currently 5 stats including the 3 named above.

I’ve also been mucking around with midjourney rather than novelAI. Have to say, I don’t like either at the minute but journey just chewed up my credit card so I better learn to love it :laughing: . Heres a few higher-res concepts of Yev, probably not gonna use this model because it doesn’t fit my usual theme at all but it’s one of the better results I’ve gotten. As a model (DreamShaper V8) it’s leaps and bounds better at faces and hands than any of Novel’s models can offer.


Closer to what I’ll go with me thinks:


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Devlog 1 28/03/2024:
Mainly under the hood and UI changes today. Cleaned up some of the back-end code, past me was a mad man… heh.

Polished some of the UI elements, the cooking stat is no longer in your face in the main loop screen, it along with the new stats are nestled snugly in their own tidy UI.

Imported the Inventory system from Freshman Year (that I’m pretty sure I’ve never shown woops). This will be used to manage food and drink for yev, pretty sure it’ll stylistically be a pantry but hey, who knows.

Added money to the game, will also be adding energy rather than the 1-day 1-action system that’s currently in place.

To Do:
Still a fair bit of backend, need to implement the GUI for the inventory, backend is in place which is the hard bit so that should be fine cut to 2 months later , need to make the Inventory system work with the shopping and cooking mechanics.

Most of said backend work will be converting yevennas code from line by line format to object-oriented format.

I debated back and forwards about leaving yev as she is or going to OOP but i think it will streamline her backend interactions and it’ll make it a bit easier as I plan to go more harem focused than the source material. I probably wont have Honey as an interactable character but I do have 2 ideas as to how to factor that type in.

That’s all for now folks, hopefully next released demo will be in the next week or 2 with some significant improvements.



It’s a shame about Freshman Year, but understandable. Working on a project whose scope is beyond your current wheelhouse won’t be enjoyable or manageable in the long run, and it’s always good to know when to call it quits. Personally I liked the setting, concept, relationships ideas more than the college life sim+ aspects.

Congratz on life being hectic right now, a new house, job and moving can be disorientating and stressful. But it’s nice to see some work coming back to this project hopefully things stay manageable for you, thanks for the updates. Looking forward to see where chapter 2 and beyond goes.


Also, enjoy some stage 3 Yev concepts


Devlog 2 29/03/2024:
Implemented GUI for inventory, back end tied in so it’s not just a grid with no function. The plan with the inventory is to have the “pantry” for ingredients and the “fridge” for completed dishes. The items will stack to a stack limit of 10 for the ingredients and 4 for the cooked items with a maximum capacity of 24 unique items for the pantry and 12 for the fridge although my plan is that both can be upgraded later in the game to allow for larger stack sizes and and unique contents. There is a lot to do stylistically with this. I need to add the stack counter, the background will reflect the storage medium it is supposed to be, I’ll probably change the background of the tiles. I need to add descriptions and names for each of the items and the dishes. The plan there is as you level up your cooking skill and spend more time around your gluttonous demoness you will develop a 6th sense for the characteristics of the ingredients and the food items. This will tie in to a “favourite dish” system that will buff yev’s gains.

In this vein the stuffing mini-game will be far less click spam nightmare.

Next on the list of rudementary implementations after the inventory system is more fleshed out is to change the RNG based cooking system into a “figure it out” crafting system. As you discover recipes they will be added to a recipe book and failed recipe combinations will be saved too so you don’t make the same failed recipe.

The assets for the food items and dishes are from, they have an itch under the same name too. I assume that a team is responsible for these packs as this collection alone contains over 25 asset packs with 25-50 sprites per pack putting the collection at over 1000 assets.

This leads me to an interesting point. While I’m sure someone with the time and necessary skills could put their own asset pack together for a hobby game, nobody seems to talk about the cost of making your own game. Even without hiring an artist, the artwork is still quite expensive to get in line.

So far between the AI generation tools, photoshop subscription and asset acquisition for the sprites and backgrounds, the total cost of development of SOG has been over 300$ (don’t tell my girlfriend). So it’s not as straightforward as slapping some code together on a Saturday afternoon.

Anyway, a labour of love and screaming credit card aside, I’m planning to tidy up the GUI a bit more tonight but this is the brunt of it for now, if there’s any more significant development I’ll edit this post but for now have a good one.

Total of 88 ingredients and dishes added (approx 35 dishes, not all ingredients will have uses yet but they should also be unobtainable as they will be unlocked through story events)


Which specific craftpix asset pack do you recommend most? there are so many similar ones on that site, hmm

Devlog 3 03/04/2024:
Worked some more on the cooking menu, the gist of it is you can add 1-6 items to the slots and discover corresponding recipes. Due to the limitations of my GUI making skills you’ll have to scroll through your inventory, it was either this or shrink the item sprites and they’re already at like 1/4 their original scale so I didn’t want to do that to the poor guys.

Before I continue with that I need to loop back around to the inventory system and implement item stacking. This will help reduce the scrollage required to add items to the inventory aswell as increase the versatility of your 24 base slots.

Here’s the UI so far, it’s literally layered primatives done in photoshop, don’t judge too harshly, I’m not a graphic designer :smile:


Currently having issues passing object list index from screen to screen so I’m taking the night off, hopefully have it working by Sunday (why did I say that, now the universe is just going to pick A sunday for it to start working…)