Suggestions for Edypos



What would you like to see in the Full game?

New Feras, new food items, new regions, new skills?

Name them! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try my best to fit them in if suitable~!


Well I’m always open to having a few fatty bee girls.


Transformation items or some goat girl


how bout a fatty flower girl
or a chubby naga (or mermaid)


How about a thicc Cowgirl/Minotuar that the player finds is working as a blacksmith. could be helpful if there is a way to let the character create ammo for the protag by using base materials like rocks or other ammo based on what combat items the player has on them

this idea is if no one else has already suggested


Here is an idea, if possible could it also be made in a winzip form, when the game is fully released?


No immediate ideas have come to mind, but perhaps some plant girls, enemies or otherwise. Y’know, to spice things up.


Do we have any Rat Girls?


how about a kitsune like girl if you don’t have one already planned?


Insectoid girls are a thing. Bees would be pretty cool to have


Transformation items?

Also goat girls like Toriel in Undertales?


We’ll have a Mermaid as a party member. A Lamia too (close enough).


A thicc Cow girl smith is too close to Cattleya hahhaa. There is already a main smith in town, but I won’t rule out additional blacksmiths.

Ammunition crafting will be a thing later in the future once I have balanced its potency over scarcity.


Winzip? I guess Winrar is too unfriendly for many.

That can be done.


Many people have been requesting for plant girls. I’ll say yes to this popular demand.


Yes there is, someone have requested for a specific rat girl. So I wouldn’t rule out a race of them.


A fox girl in a japanese setting can be nice, but it will probably be at least in the middle of the game.


Although this is probably already planned, I would like to see more instances in which fattening up the enemy is a viable combat tactic.


I would like if there were some big burp or at leatst some burps, I think it somehow shows how full they can be


Fair enough but I’d still love to see a cow girl/minotaur, but I figured that you’d have something planned for ammunition as it seems to be the main protag’s main means of fighting via what the demo shows

well looking at alot of the suggestions this wiki might help you create idea for any future planned monster girls

I’m a fan of the art style and the writing, I was able to pick up both vol 1 and 2. there’s a bunch of reference there for ya