Suggestions for Edypos



Some future Feras enemies have weaker or more vulnerable forms when fattened so there’s that.


That is indeed useful, I appreciate it! However, I’ll try my best not to lift from what’s inside in case they get too similar.


There’s a burp in a certain fight the Demo. But I guess there’s room for more.


I would love to see fat Centaur Women or feline girls, maybe even bunny chicks, and maybe get a skill that can turn a person’s body shaped like an Hourglass shaped into a Pear-Shaped. As for a region will there be a German like area?


True but using it as reference for some of the more unusual monster girl idea was my point, like with plant girls most you see are just women with green skin, hair or both or the odd flower or vines wrapped around limbs so using that link as a staring point for incorporating plants into a human form


Actually on second thought mediafire would be better.


well i few suggestions, one like relationship moment, like from stranger to friend, to lover, to mate… other is mini question for grind on level or money


Mini Question?

Anyway the relationship feature will be in there.


bit of a dumb thought, will there be other “secret bosses” like the BBW? i could even sort of throw up an idea

BBW: gives a free use wind damage item when defeated
kraken: gives water damage item
some form of dragon (drake, wyvern, full dragon, whatev): gives fire damage item
grizzly: gives earth damage item

of course, the selection of boss types is up to you, and if you’ve already got this in mind/aren’t interested, then oh well


That is an interesting thought.
There will be hidden bosses for sure!

Thanks for the suggestions!


Can there be a fatty skunk girl in the game as a Fera? I also wonder if I can have her in my party or not.


casual mode? or like an op item so i can play for the game not the combat?


That can be possible
But why would you want one in your panties!?


Well, this game can be played with one hand, so I guess there can be some secret items that can make it even easier.


Ohh lmao, i misread what you typed D:


Maybe an immobile nekogirl NPC who sends you on fetch quests for certain foods she likes?


Fetch quest can be a thing.