Super Fatty Office Administrator Simulator! (Snail's Submission)


There you have it folks! I’m uploading this one a bit early so I have time to catch the bugs. Hello and welcome to “Super Fatty Office Administrator”!!! Going with a default office environment may be a bit bland for the theme but monster offices are sort of my brand. Have fun staying alive at your latest adventure into dubious employment~!

UPDATE: The boss has a splash screen now. You’re welcome. Also I added some fun new dialog if the girls go up a level during lunch~ Also the intro dialog for the girls doesn’t loop anymore and I fixed some minor bugs.

Hold “shift” to speed through dialog and F12 to reset the game.
Remember you can ask the boss for more funds (if you’ve done something to earn them)
That’s it. figure the rest out.

Please let me know! If the game jam deadline isn’t already up that is.

Now here’s the part I beg a little bit. I put as much effort as I could afford into this project. I’ve got some steep expenses coming up due to an international trip and am really hoping to win! If you enjoyed this project and would like to support me, consider checking out my Patreon~? Or buying me a Ko-Fi~? [PATREON LINK] [KO-FI LINK]

(I’m going to be putting up the game art on my patreon later if you wanna keep an eye out for that~)

Please let me know what you thought! What did you like? Who’s your favorite~? Who ate the fridge???


Jesse. Is. Just. PRECIOUS. aaaaaaa

I definitely love it! I loved all the interactions - lighthearted and felt like they mattered. Only thing I disliked was the looping dialogue when the main menu opened again. The art is absolutely precious.

Like, chat with someone, select “Yourself” and it loops their intro dialogue again. Other than that? Absolutely loved it.

But yeah, Jesse is definitely my favorite and all the art of her and her “heftier” dialogue is adorable.


I will admit I wasn’t sure about the game at first, but giving it a chance was the right call! It is a really cool system, ive personally never played something quite like it. It is perhaps just a tad tedious going through all those menus to talk to everyone and do the stuff for the day, but even so once I got used to the way it worked I found it to be pretty enjoyable! (Victoria is a win btw :D) - Good luck in the competition!


Looks like I am going to vote for Impossiblesnail on this game jam again :slight_smile:
I like this game and wanted to ask if there is a way to make all characters as fat as possible in one gamethrough?
P.S. Still can’t figure out how to feed Chloe and in Fridge event I am chosing that I have no idea who stole th fridge. I am really have no idea who did this :frowning:

This looks to be really well made with a lot of detail and choice to it, but I didn’t really have much luck with it myself.

Probably just on my end, but even with all but one of the staff liking me I still lost. Oh well.

Oh dang. It shouldn’t have happened like that. You should be able to pass with at least 50/50?
I’ll look into it.

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I definitively think this is a great game, though I personally can’t deal with the way the menu’s work and the endlessly repeating dialog each time.

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I mean like not everyone was huge or anything, some I think two people were either at first stage chub or second stage, but at least three of them were like at three stages deep, and I had solved all of the issues minus the fridge thing (didn’t want to accuse anyone despite knowing about the fungus, that and the one person I did accuse was guilty but I got a different game over in the process so…).

But, yeah, kind of saddening to have a game over like that even though I thought I was doing well.

Does anybody know if there is a good way to solve first day issue avoiding worsening relationships with girls and losing all money?

Lurker here, just made this account to say that you did a really nice job on this game. I really liked your previous work on Super Fatty RPG, so seeing another work from you is always a treat.

For the game play about relationships, and getting the boss to get you more cash

> There’s always a third option with another employee that can help solve the issue peacefully without worsening relationships. All you have to do is inquire the “job” choice with all other employees after you have initiated the “quest” until some other one gives you some help. Doing this lets you keep your relation points with the two people as well as letting you beg the boss for more cash

For bugs

> On the chair event on day 4(?) with Chloe after you gave her some food, there’s a bug that after you paid for the chairs, you can beg for unlimited cash from the boss for the rest of the day. So i’m assuming this is a bug unless the player is just a real darn good haggler.

You wrote really nice characters, and made a good game. So i’m definitely going to see if i can vote for you. Good luck on the contest!

Kathy’s Great


Ah crud I thought I fixed the money bug whoops. I’ll have another pass soon so abuse it while you can lol.

And thanks for the feeback and support!!! Glad you enjoyed~

Loved this~! I don’t know if it’s possible, but you should make this bigger! I love the characters and even if it was a short game, I still wish there was more to it! But like I said, I absolutely loved this~

I fucking cried with happiness because I already liked your games and this game made my patience worth so much <3



Yes, I finished it with all girls be at their maximum size. Awesome game :slight_smile:
P.S. Kitty Kathy is my favourite.

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Spent the 2 times playing just to focus on Erika. Shes so cute both dialogue and design especially at higher weights. Good luck in the competition man there’s no way this one could lose

how did you get chloe to eat something?

Charming writing, charming characters, charming setting. Simple, sweet and easy to figure out, this is fantastic! I love Chloe, I love Erika, and I love Kathy thanks so much for this! The artwork is also just fantastic! I am rooting for ya!!

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how can i get chloe to eat something? what does she like?

It would help if there was the first step hint or something. Confusion is spreading among the community.

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