Super Fatty Office Administrator Simulator! (Snail's Submission)

This is SO GOOD! I feel like this idea deserves to keep going beyond the game jam. The characters are adorable and I LOVE management-type sims so this is a lot of fun.

If there is one thing I’m a little frustrated with it’s navigating the menus. I’m constantly selecting things I didn’t mean to because it keeps alternating between the selection menu popping up immediately or having a dialogue box happen before it, so when the former happens I select something because I thought I’d need to advance the text. In particular, the lunch option doesn’t have a yes/no confirmation, so I end up going into lunch automatically when I didn’t mean to or didn’t have a lunch selected.

Lastly, I think I found a bug where turning off the A/C doesn’t seem to net you any extra money? Like, not when you first turn it off, and not the next day, either.

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I understand the frustration with the menus, yes. Unfortunately I don’t really have much control over that as Im working off of RPG maker. But, what I found helps is speeding through the dialog with SHIFT and not SPACE. only space selects when the options pop up.

Also, I’ll look into the AC.

Other than that, I’m glad you enjoy~

I understand, I’ve dabbled with RPGMaker myself and I know it’s got its limitations. I would suggest putting a ‘yes/no’ confirmation before having lunch with a co-worker, though, since it’s a choice with a big investment and a big impact.

i figured it out, sorry for the inconvenience. And btw it is a great game! I would love if you expanded it with more characters or something like that. It really is great

Hello, just made an account to say awesome work as the previous, although as others said the menu isn’t great. When you go back you return to the first menu instead of the ones in the middle, which is annoying when you need to talk to everyone.

This said, about Chloe, you get a great clue by talking with the others. One of them give her a peculiar adjective while talking about her diet. Don’t expect a confession later on by her closest workmates, cause the clue you can get it from day one. Also you can kind of figure one (not the only one) of the treats she likes by looking at which food you can get an upgrade but nobody talks about (it’s also a cake, not referring to donut). Another one she will tell you when she opens up, after the first item consumed.

Anyway, I couldn’t figure who would like the cinnamon bun. Eh, will do in a replay, I guess.

Dude, this game was FANTASTIC!!! I can’t believe you made this in such a short period of time, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your future content.

If you don’t win 1st place, I’d be very surprised, you more than deserve the grand prize my man!

(edit) Victoria is best girl :smiley:

I’ve got a couple questions about some of the things you can upgrade. It says that ‘everyone’ loves the candy from the candy bowl, but does it actually affect everybody? Also, does setting the lunch menu affect characters other than the ones you have lunch with?

Everyone does get daily points from the candy bowl once you update. Also, at the end of the day if the lunch that one of the ladies would like is on the menu they get a point even if you don’t have lunch with them.

Thanks! That’ll help me get as many of them as huge as possible. Is it even possible to get them all to max size in one go? xD

Honestly I have no idea lol. Someone would have to run some numbers.

I believe so, on my very first run I got all but Jesse maxed (and to be fair, I kind of ignored her until about halfway through the week)

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Someone make a walkthrough

I really like this game and the premise for it. I just started it but the idea of intentionally incidentally fattening up your co-workers is too fun to pass up.

WOO! I did it! I managed to get all of them to max size at the final results. It just took half a dozen playthroughs and a couple dozen reloads. God, this game is so much fun.

You did it? Can you help me there? I can’t seem to get past this game. I mean, complete it.

Well, I don’t have a specific sequence to give, but I can explain my strategy. I’ll put it behind spoiler tags for people who want to figure it out themselves.

  1. Spread the love between all the girls. If you get one of them maxed out early on, that basically means they’re not getting any benefits afterwards and the other girls are being left behind.

  2. Figure out what everybody likes. It looks like every character has three lunches they like, and every lunch has three characters who like it. As for the snacks, it seems like each girl likes two kinds, but once you find one they like that’s all you really need. And every character likes one type of frappe. I basically just reloaded the first day over and over and tried everything until I knew what everyone liked.

  3. You have to ‘unlock’ Chloe by finding her favorite before anything you do affects her. So you wanna do that on the first day for sure. Luckily, she also seems to grow faster than any other character, so once you do that it’s not too hard to handle her.

  4. Always ask the boss for money, and do it AFTER solving the office problems without actually using money. You get more money on the first day by doing that, which helps. Make sure to talk to everybody before actually choosing a solution, because there’s always a way to handle things for free that make everyone happy.

  5. Prioritize your spending. The candy bowl and the frappe machine give points to every character, so those definitely should be done on the first day. After that you get the vending machine upgrades. Focus on snacks for people who aren’t big yet, and save the lunch dates for the ones who’re big enough to pack away plenty of food.


Really? How did you do it?

So, people have mentioned something about a chair scene happening, but I’ve never actually gotten that. Any idea what triggers it? I’m assuming making people big, but I’ve been doing that a lot already. xD

@Impossiblesnail Hey I would love to play your game, but I’m on MAC. Can you please make it MAC compatible. Thank you.

I’m sure it’s obvious and I’m just not seeing it, but can someone give me a hint to what Chloe likes? None of the dialogue really seems to give a direction I can see, and examining her lunch just tells me she eats salad which isn’t helpful.

Chocolate. Either give her a chocolate donut, chocolate ice cream, or a chocolate bar to get her started.