SURF THE BELLY-Belly Stuffed fantasy game!

my save points were after I cooked food, did the league battle, and worked for the day, none of them could be salvaged since they were all on the same day


Fixing some bugs :slight_smile:

exploit found, on the first day you are allowed to cook food there is no limit to how much you can do it, this means you can grind for 8 hours and have belly level 50 before you even get to repairing the boat"

I may or may not have just done that :wink:

You must be fucking kidding me … I’ll look at it and then I’ll kill myself I guess

What recipe you use? The switch to not make more than 3 times is in the recipes

all of them work, it seems to be limitless because the game does not have that day locked in to a limit

and don’t fret over it too much, these kinds of things are only ever noticed by people intentionally trying things to optimize their grind so a casual player wouldn’t really be thinking about the fact they just cooked 10 cakes then got bored and went to repair the boat lol

I see the glitch, is solved, soon upload the fix version

man if only it didn’t take 8 hours to download every time I’d be more inclined to download these lol, think I will download the soft lock patched version and stick with that one while marking any other bugs I find per area and hopfully any other found bugs/exploits can be ironed out quick

Udapte with fix the cooking glitch

Updated the download link, and in turn, fixed some bugs! :slight_smile:

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How do I change belly sizes? Currently i’m level 23 and the belly looks the exact same.

Eating once, you get belly stuffed, to get the next level, you have to eat one more time (cooking, belly league stand or in feeding mermaid)

How to get lvl 4 belly?

Okay, three questions.

  1. How do I get the divine crystal from Shera?
  2. What is the boulder doing in Dolphark beach and how do I move it?
  3. How do I get the other treasure boxes that one is on a island right next to Dolphark and another one is on the top left corner of the map of Dolphark?

How do I get the strange key from Panza?

  1. Progress in the game, You will get at some point new skill to get them

Okay, thanks a lot for that!

stuck in the section where you are doing the first test with the Valkyrie and all the statue says is “the statue no have the eyes” and nothing else cant seem to do anything and cant progress what do i do?

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go back through, it spawns somewhere that you have previously been in that dungeon

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