Svellera Fatfur DnD system

Hello there, my name is Loko K.O. I wanted to come to you today to provide you a new ttrpg, a system I call “Svellera: The Expanding Lands.” This is a custom expansion system made for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition which allows you and your friends/players to experience a variety of growth themes in a tabletop rpg setting.

Questions about inspiration and development will be answered below. As I mentioned in Q3, I’m going to be taking community feedback, so PLEASE give me your thoughts on Svellera if you get the chance to look over it.

~ Loko K.O.


5/16/24: So this is more than likely the final update I’ll be providing for the pre-release era of Svellera as it stands. We’ve got some small updates like balancing patches and official art, but we’re basically in the homestretch of this project. I’m planning to release the final product for free on Itch and possibly other platforms, though I’m debating keeping the Homebrewery link up for viewing. Either way you should be able to access the main document for complete free.

With this, I also have an open link available for feedback. Basically, if you want to have the opportunity to suggest some last minute changes that need to be made, you can visit this Google Forms link to provide your thoughts and feedback.

After release? I’ve got future plans for more content, though that will be paid additions. I’ve got a custom class in mind and some more content I do want to eventually explore. For now, look forward to Svellera officially releasing on June 1st 2024.

4/17/24: A month has gone by, and with it has come some MASSIVE changes. We’ve got a lot of things to go over, but I’ll simplify it with a list. With a 2.0 version finally finished and an official release on the horizon, the following work has been made:

  • Overhaul to the main expansion mechanics (such as further stages)
  • New size mechanics and improved older content
  • An overhaul of the Consumption system, especially for Vore rules
  • Loads of new charts for ease of reference
  • Updated conditions (balancing and charts)

You can imagine that this has changed a lot of things compared to the original trajectory. Despite its origins, Svellera is now on pace to being a 100% wholly independent project which instead references / credits its original inspirations. Frankly, even though I already had felt very excited by this project, I am a lot more happy with things being this way.

Now I’ve gotta find artists…

3/22/24: Unfortunately no, I’m not done with translating the spells over yet. However, I do have something good regardless! By clicking this link here you will be taken to a google form that you can fill out to give your thoughts and criticisms to the Svellera expansion system.

As far as the spells go, that’s mostly in translation limbo. I’ve been slowly moving all of them from a google doc to the Homebrewery format, and that’s just taking time. Additionaly, I want to make some final balancing edits to the spells. However, if you’d like a temporary peek into the spells so far, so you may use them, then check out this link here!

3/4/24: So, looks like by the pace of things I should be able to get out the rest of the spells soon enough!

So far, the cantrips are basically close to done. I’m hoping that by Mid-March at the earliest, I should be able to deliver a major update where I say “Hey, all the expansion spells up to 4th level are complete!”. I should make note that yes, the spell names you currently see named in the document are tied to existing systems which I have credited. However, I do plan on eventually rebranding all of them by condensing down the number of spells I have available or just altering some naming/wording. I want to eventually create my own list of spells, but will have to use these as a point of reference.

On an additional note, I do plan to add some lore to Svellera. This is more or less just in the form of gods or higher beings who can be called upon by Clerics or Paladins, however it will also be used to flesh out a bit of the logic behind specific expansion and why it occurs. But that will more than likely appear sometime post-beta of the first module for Svellera.

Look forward to more updates to come!

2/19/24: Some small progress updates for you all. First, you may have noticed I pushed the Q&A down to the replies, which I did in order to clean up things here and streamline stuff for updates. Second, I had the chance last night to run a one-shot with some interested parties. One person was familiar with the system, and two were unfamiliar. From the sounds of everything it seems like the system works very well and has a solid balance of available expansion options. However, I did receive a valid piece of feedback that it seems expanding lacks enough incentive, and I do agree to an extent that I could give players a bit more of a reason to want to make themselves big.

Onto a bit more of a bigger part to this update; those three people I ran the game with last night, I actually had them test out the Expansionist (custom class for this system) in order to get some necessary feedback. From the sounds of things, it so far has a working core system that could use some tweaks. I got some critiques such as giving access to just a bit more in option/opportunities, though the idea behind the class seems to work solid and didn’t leave anyone without something they could consistently do.

I’ll be sure to update you all as developments continue.


Really have to find a session for one of these modules myself one of these days, hard to do being overseas and all but people always seem to have a lot of fun. Seems like an enjoyable system your working on though and I hope you keep improving it!


Sounds pretty wicked! Can’t wait for it to be finished and released! Already running a Campaign with expansion based themes myself and this sounds like a nice addition to the campaign and future ones!

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So what do you think of skunks, vultures, and pigs?

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If you do end up using it, please do feel free to give me your thoughts. I’m looking to update this system for a while based on community feedback (plus I still have things I need to include that are currently missing).

I decided, for sake of keeping things a little cleaned up, I would move the Q&A down here to the comments. Here were the example questions and answers I had originally left.

Now, if you’ve already taken a look at the above hyperlink, you may have some questions, which I will be answering below.

Q1: “Wait, isn’t this just (other system)?”
A1: Svellera was made as a “combined to fix things” kind of system. I’ve been playing fatfur-themed DnD stuff with my friends for around a year or so, and I’ve found that many people (myself included) have issues with a lot of different bit and pieces that began to frustrate me personally. I and others found ExpanDnD WAY too huge to approach in a way which could be handled naturally (i.e. it felt like a chore, like I had to study a whole new system when I just wanted to make characters big). However, when I tried the Bella Ventus system there was a limitless number of complaints regarding the limits and punishments of that expansion system. Over time, I developed what became Svellera as a method of bridging the gap between simple and complex, and many people I’ve played with using this system had a lot of fun.

Q2: “Are you trying to suggest your system is superior?” / “Are you trying to one-up other people’s hard work?”
A2: Not at all! Svellera didn’t come from a place of hatred against other DnD systems, nor did I create it because I wanted to push people away from other systems they like. As I’m sure you could see, Svellera could not exist without the framework left behind by creators such as Storymaker and RDS. These creators took the important first step in creating a logical expansion system, and if it weren’t for their work which I could study and use, there never would have been a Svellera system to begin with. Svellera exists because I wanted to combine the best parts of other systems I liked into one compact form that could be curated in a way me and my friends liked most. All credits for the people I borrowed from or took inspiration from will be mentioned in the final version of the Svellera document, however for right now I believe the majority should all be referenced towards the end.

Q3: “How much work is there left to do?”
A3: Currently, I have a roadmap of how I wish to complete this:

  1. Translate the spells I have listed into the full document. I have them in a separate google doc but it will take time to format them properly.
  2. Publish the custom class: The Expansionist.
  3. Balance Svellera based on community feedback.
  4. Adapt further spells. Currently I only have spells up to 4th level, due to it being connected to the Expansionist class.
    5: Balance the Expansionist class based on community feedback.
    6: Post the beta of the first module made exclusively for Svellera. I’m working with some DnD friends of mine to make a one-shot module which will show off how this expansion system works for those who want a simple introduction to the system.
    7: Balance the module based on community feedback.
    8: Release the module.
    9: Make final cleanup adjustments to everything based on feedback.

Q4: “Will Svellera be sold or free?”
A4: Svellera is, and forever will be, a free system that anyone can download and use. I will NEVER place Svellera behind any form of paywall. Not only would that be (in a way) stealing from others to make a profit, but it feels morally wrong to sell something which was created from a desire to collaborate and explore fun ideas. While the one-shot module discussed above is subject to potential sale, the Svellera system will remain an eternally free system that anyone can use.

Q5: “What is this about a custom class?”
A5: In time, I will be releasing details about a custom class for the Svellera system which I call “The Expansionist.” The idea is more or less a class made for the purpose of showing off the Svellera system through use of growth mechanics. More details will be provided in the future. Currently, the Expansionist class is ALSO planned to be a free document you can download at any time.

Do ya have a discord? Because I would love to both help, give ideas, and join a game

OFFICIAL 2.0 UPDATE! Massive new changes have been made to the progress of Svellera. Check out the list below for what new things you can find starting today!

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