Swords and Gluttony

I have just begun development of a new game using all of my newly-acquired college graduate skills. It’s not ready for play yet, but I felt like documenting the process starting from near the beginning.

Current Version Link: Version 0.1 PreAlpha
Download the whole release folder, extract all, and run the Application.

This is going to be a swords and adventure RPG with an emphasis on exploration and party relations. As far as plot, Beelzebub, the lord of flies and demon king of gluttony, has declared war on mankind. You, along with any companions you can convince to join you, will go on a grand adventure where you have the option to defeat Beelzebub and his monsters, join them, or usurp them. Your possible companions will have their own opinions on the matter, but most can be swayed to your side, and several can even be romanced.

You will have the option to play as a man or woman; human, elf, or beastkin; noble, merchant, commoner, or clergy. No matter your background, race, or gender, all that matters to your sword is the effort you put in and your spirit of adventure.

It’s my own personal policy that I want my games to be playable even while avoiding all of the fetishy material, so I definitely want to flesh out the adventure and story aspect. But there will be stuffing and weight gain elements in spades. I’m especially a sucker for outgrowing armor and getting stuck in the environment.

I now know how to make my own GUIs. I also know how to make my own database for save files and such. The playable product will be a standalone executable file.

So far, I’m working on the character creation process. I’ve already got it where you can create a new character or load a previous character. We’re basically in the pre-alpha state right now. I plan to release the first proof of concept once the intro scene is ready. Images and stuff that make it pretty are probably gonna have to wait until much later releases, as I’m not really sure how to implement them yet and don’t actually have any art to use XP.

Questions and comments are welcome.


Weight gain focused on girls or boys?

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Both. Among NPCs there will be possible companions of both genders starting at various weights and with varying opinions on gaining more. Some NPCs will clearly be feeders while others will clearly be feedees. This will allow the player to enjoy whichever kind of interaction they’d like with their party.

As development continues, I’ll keep an updated guide on the existing companions and their traits.


Sorry about upcoming post length, and if it makes no sense will try to make it readable.

Welp lets start from the top. You said fetishy material does that mean there could potentially be more then wg planned?

Char sprites will they be all custom or will stock sprites be used?

Beastkin, I assume anthropomorphism is in play here. The question is how anthropomorphized are they? Are we getting catgirl style? Or full on beastar’s?

Will it be possible to do a solo run? Also What kind of combat style will be in game? Finally are there any planned extra features like crafting?

Dungeons and their Analogs, will they be fixed or will their be pop up dungeons that fade after clear or some time passed? Spring boarding off that. Encounter’s. How exactly will they work? Will they be fixed non re-spawning? Or will we be drowning in zubat’s? Also will their be non-hostile encounters like traveling shops or other adventutrer’s encountered periodically.

Finally the last few bit’s. Race’s. What would set them apart from one and other? Would being an elf offer benefits that a human would not have and vise versa? Will some race’s be unable to wear some things? Also will their be a hunger system and other mechanic’s like it?

Whew that should do it sorry if i caused any headache tried to be as exhaustive as possible.


I’ll try to address everything in order, lol.

There’s a bit of furry and monster fetish stuff since you can be a beastkin and beastkin and monsters can join your party (not all of them, just the ones made to be companions, lol). But it’s mostly wg stuff. Oh, and stuck because it’s closely related to wg and I like it a lot.

Sprites will all be custom. For that reason, they’ll look pretty crappy until much later in development, lol. Later on, if anyone wants to lend their talents, dm me. XD

The beastkin will be more heavily anthropomorphized, closer to catgirl style. And there won’t be variety on that front in the beginning. The wg elements are higher on the list for me. Full on beastar-types you can potentially romance as monster companions. Right now, I don’t plan on letting the player start off on the monster side of things. Sorry.

Completing the game with no party members will absolutely be possible. It will be turn-based combat. I’ll be making the system from scratch and I haven’t started yet, so I’m not sure yet what it’ll be like. Crafting would be cool, but it’s currently not a planned feature. We’ll see how things go.

There will be pop monsters out in the fields. They’ll be weaker than the monsters in dungeons, so around the time you’re getting tired of the ones you’re used to, it should be 100% to run or one-shot them. Dungeon monsters won’t respawn until reentry, and the dungeons themselves will be fixed in the world. There won’t be any dungeons that you have to clear to move on to new areas, though. They’ll be there for the player to gather rare items, quest items, and unique companions. Any non-consumable items found in dungeons will never respawn. You’ll never have to go back to one, but you might want to. There will be some dungeons will fun events and traps in them. I’ve loved stuff like that ever since Turris Puesco, may it rest in peace.

The variations in races are pretty superficial. There’s no distinction between body types, physical abilities, or prosperity. They live in different regions, so the player’s starting map will be different. Some romancible NPCs will prefer some races to others. Of more concern is the player’s background. Each different background will give a unique boon to the player. For example, the commoner will start the game with one companion, and the player’s race will affect which companion they get, as they’re meant to be a childhood friend.

There will be a satiation system. Rather than demanding the player gets hungry (since I want this game to be playable without fetishy stuff everywhere), there will be a limit to how much can be eaten. Abusing your stomach capacity regularly will expand it. If you’ve played Fatty Text Adventure, you have some idea what I’m thinking.

If you think of any other questions, let me know! Once I can figure out how to make a dang executable file, I’ll share the pre-alpha character creator.


It looks like a cool project.

What language are you coding in?

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C++. I’m using Qt for the GUI.

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Thank you for sharing…Unfortunately I have more questions…i hope you have aspirin ready…

the decision on beastkin if i understood things right sound’s like it is a practical minded decision no need to apologize it makes sense to reduce workload.

The project sounds ambitious and provided you can avoid burnout seems quite well thought out,
Well on with the show eh?

You mentioned saturation levels I assume certain foods will fill this faster then other’s. Speaking of foods, will certain foods have additional effects like temporary buff’s or permanent stat up’s or even healing?

Given my limited knowledge of demonology I might make error’s here and there but will other’s infernal entity’s make an appearance as backup or otherwise? Be painful if Belphegor teamed up with the main antag in this story…Speaking of the infernal, demons are well known for tempting folk’s. Will we be seeing beelz doing any of that? Maybe running off branded restraunt’s that are so unhealthy you get fat just looking at them to make folk too weak to fight effectively.

Off-branded stuff, that’s a kick will there be items the player would not want to use. like the oren berry
and reviser seed from pokemon mystery dungeon?

You mentioned traps. What kind do you have in mind? Arrow to the knee and falling object’s? Or more Exotic stuff like polymorph and teleportation. Speaking of magic. How will that work in this setting? Will there be exclusive elements like learning fire means you cant learn water?

I wonder what status ailment’s you plan to unleash on the player’s, any unique ones you have off the top of your head?

Lastly permanent or semi-permanent alteration to player characters. will that be a thing? Also permadeath, will that be a risk players will face?

the system will be more visual or will more text like you other projecs? (i love them so much)

I really enjoy plot in games, so it’s good to see there’ll be a definite focus on the story to the point one can choose to play and avoid fetish content throughout it. I’ll look forward to seeing what will come of this.

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I do want to ask. would gaining weight affect the story? like can I still play the heroic defate and remove the demon king path while being like 5 tons or some other random number to say my character is super fat

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You’re right about the beastkin. The more variations in player character I have to accommodate for, the more work I’ll have to do on the spriting and romancing options fronts. Otherwise, the alternative would be that it feels like your choices don’t matter. Well, I’m designing a flexible system, so it wouldn’t be impossible to add later, if we ever got to that point.

I will do my best to avoid burnout, but progress will be on and off depending on how real life is going, as well as my many other projects that have nothing to do with this site.

Yes, some foods will have higher saturation, though just like in real life, there will be foods that contain lots of calories for the satiation they provide, and those that don’t. Some foods (maybe all foods) will heal the player, but no other buff-type foods are planned.

Beelzebub is the only infernal player with a hand in this story. Mostly, he’ll be assaulting mankind, but more subtle assaults are are a definite as well. Though, I may make them exposed through side quests from obviously fetish-related companions, that way uninterested players can easily avoid them.

I’m not really sure. Any harmful consumables ought to be exactly the kind of harmful people on are looking for.

Less fetishy dungeons will have more normal traps like monster rooms, mimic chests, and arrow traps. The specialist dungeons will have things like slide traps, pitfalls, enchanted dining rooms, tasty ambush slimes, and long staircases–things that will naturally produce various results when encountered by characters of different sizes or actively try to make them bigger.

I called this game Swords and Gluttony because I’m not planning on adding any magic system. If I make one, I’ll release it later, like DLC content. (or I’ll get excited and add it anyway). But for now, no magic. Only Beelzebub can use magic. Why? So that I can get something playable out that much faster. That said, magic items do exist.

I haven’t thought hard about status ailments yet. I’ll let you know.

The code structure is in place so changes can be made to the player’s race or gender and have an impact. Whether or not I actually allow it, I haven’t decided. I feel like once I dip into transformations, it’s a bottomless pit, you know?

Happy to answer questions, and it’s good when they make me think, too.


Because making assets requires a lot of time and effort on my end, there’s definitely going to be a heavy text focus. That said, I’m building things so that it’ll be painless to go back later and add supplementary images like backgrounds and characters.


Yes, absolutely you can still oppose the demon king of gluttony as a huge fatass. Hell, you can usurp his position as a prime specimen of fitness. For interesting/unexpected outcomes like those, I want to put in special dialogue, because it’s definitely head-turning.

There will probably only be a few side quests where the results get hardforced by a player’s weight, but I plan to reward those results with words.


This sounds like a lot of fun. My playthrough would probably end in my character usurping the throne of the Lord of the Flies, and being kept well-fed by her legions of supporters!

Lol, so at this point, I’ve spent one day working on the game and three days figuring out how to make a separate executable. With some help from a friend from school, I managed to figure it out. I will keep the updated link in the first post, as is my policy.

Don’t get too excited. There isn’t much there. It can barely be called a character creator at this point. But it is proof that development is a thing that’s happening. I am kinda proud that the save system works so you can have multiple different characters.

Like I said, there’s not much, some of the buttons are just there for looks at the moment, and the art is all placeholder stuff (hopefully! lol), but y’all are welcome to play around with it. Let me know if there are any problems with downloading and stuff.


Personally, I’m planning to wait for the full game to be released before I actually delve into it, but I still hope to see updates on here whenever you’re able to give them. Thanks again for contributing to the community :slight_smile:

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Hi, i would like report two problems: First problemk, multiwindow of the same window, this happens when you press repeat status

I should supposing that you know about this problem.
Fine, second problem: trash data, you watch the next two images

In the first image, the use of memory ram is 7mb and the second image after open repeatly the status window, but i closed the multiple windows, so why the use of the ram is 40mb?, also increases 1mb(aprox.) every time open status window, okey, my computer have 8gb in ram, but if countinue with similar problems in the next versions this may be worse.
You possibly kwon about both problems, but i wanted tell you.
I am sorry for possible deficient language, the english is not my native language.


The memory problem I didn’t know about. Thank you very much for pointing it out. I suspect the issue is that windows are being hidden when closed, rather than deleted.


It’s as good a start as could be expected. Obviously, being pre-alpha, it’s nowhere near finished. So far, my only comment is that the text is often too large for the boxes containing it, at least on my device.
You’re doing some good work

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