Tainted Elysium download?

Those trees sure are crazy.

necro post but, yeah if you continue to eat until your character pases out rather than just submitting, you will be force fed to just below your characters bursting point.

You can also just kinda sit around the box in the main area and “farm” for the pills. That’s kinda how I’ve done every playthrough lmao

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turn on debug and type in the box
this will completely empty your inventory, then type
give22 250
enjoy 250 food pills
250 is a full inventories worth of food pills, 22 is the item ID.
do not put a space between give and 22
only put a space between 22 and 250
so that it looks like this
give22 250
it is also case sensitive so make sure the word give is all lowercase, and make sure you have Debug mod turned on, it is off by default on game opening, you will need to manually turn debug mode back on whenever you load back into the game.
you do not need to have debug mode active after you have entered the code to receive your 250 pills, it only needs to be on for the code input itself. I felt like explaining this thoroughly just in case it does not work for someone, they can read through this to know why.
I use a version of Tainted Elysium called
Elysium [0-2-2A]P1
And to run it I use
Adobe Flash Player 32


lmao, this is my previous account I was an idiot back then, please completely ignore “past” me XD

when I clicked on your link
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I’d like to download this, but however, I really want the download to be on Dropbox or Google Drive. Can anybody do it for me?