Tasty Towers - (Work in progress)

Hey There! I have played a number of weight gain games throughout my time here and have decided to give it a go!

This is Tasty towers it will be a 3D weight gain game with plenty of content planned, this will have aspects of role reversal, weight gain, belly stuffing, force feeding and a few more too!

so the original plot has been scrapped and remade so here it is:

The Game is set in a quite city with a few landmarks and places to visit, You are office worker who recently got chosen by your company to move, work and manage one of their newest offices in this city, You do not know why or how you have been chosen for this position as you have always been seen as a bit of a slack worker with unusual effects on your female coworkers…

Currently there are 6 Characters in the game (these may change)


I like the look and sounds of this, excited for whenever a playable version is released!

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This looks like a really solid and interesting foundation, I like the characters you’ve outlined and the workplace setting is a favourite.

I’m also very curious to see what you mean by role reversal.

Best of luck, can’t wait to see where this goes!


When I think of role reversal in regards to weight gain, normally I think of it as two individuals one skinny one fat and them swapping weight stages and habits. I took it to mean something of this nature with the game having a feedee MC with different paths and interacts based on different routes with the other four characters.

But I agree it would be nice to have some more details as to what @MD4234 has in mind for how weight gain and characters will effect the MC and other characters within the game.


so i havent given too much away in terms of what the other characters may look like mainly as still finalising there designs, so the role reversal aspects may be clearer closer to the demo release, but for a basic idea there will be a few different paths you could take down this route.

i have currently also got a few different systems inplace for the game for example: a stuffing system, a weight gain system (obviously), i will probably elaborate on these when they are closer to being ready too!


Here’s a quick render with the office in early stages.

Most scenes in the game will be fully rendered scenes!


This looks to me like it has a lot of potential. Best of luck and I can’t wait for the results!

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Man i really hope you see this project through. Really seems like a high amount of potential. Wishing you success with the project!

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Force Feeding you say…

Well, another promising game to wait on the horizon. Good luck and sending chill vibes to ya bro


Ive been a little bit busy for the past couple of days but ive managed to fit some work in, most of my game will consist of scenes i will try to 3d model my self as honestly dont have the money to go buying scenes, here is the office at the moment its subject to change but hopefully this gives a rough idea

another note, i may experiment with VAM, i think other games like fattening career and D.I.E.T use it and it looks alot easier to use than daz (and alot more free assets!) but ill see how i get on!


Really like the visuals so far! Appreciate you for keeping us in the loop.

This is the project I’m most excited for right now, very hyped to see where it goes!

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Another little update,

After a few hours of searching around and messing around ive finally put together two more characters (may still change)
I’m not entirely happy with all the hair ive chosen but I should be ready to start rendering some more scenes

(Also note these are the characters casual clothes)

New character Abigail - another co worker

The receptionist


hair just is hard, that’s why tripleA studios were all bragging about it nonstop for a couple years a couple years ago.

I think it looks fine.

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Don’t worry too much about the art quality, I think it looks AMAZING so far.


Oooh, they look good!

keep up the great work


Abigail already best girl
Nah but honestly I see potential in here, so good luck!

I think it has great potential.

I must say I am super looking forward to this game