Tasty Towers - (Work in progress)

hello everyone, and the game can only be downloaded on Patriot, or is there a download link somewhere?

There is no playable version yet anywhere. The game was announced in October and to my knowledge the Patreon hasn’t been updated since November.


Definitely a shame that this creator has gone MIA. I felt like this had the potential to be a fantastic project.


sorry for the prolonged silence i kept meaning to update everyone but never got around to it, life caught up a bit and had alot to deal with so was unable to work on the game. the good news however i do plan to continue! i have since bought tons of new assets, ive since learnt more about renpy coding and have been playing around with the rendering software Daz3d, im still rejigging plot, ive completely scrapped my original script as i thought it didnt really work nor make any sense so ive rewritten ideas for it, soon i will post more on the updated story and some updated character models too, again sorry for the silence, i will hopefully get back to working on it some more!

anyway heres a glimpse into the new office and one of the reworked characters aswell as a potential new character!


They look cute, if/when you get back to working on the project I would update your first post if things have changed more dramatically. I look forward to seeing more about the project assuming you get some time to work on. Thanks for the update.


Here are the final few characters that have been remade for the game!

The main post will be updated somepoint this week also with new character descriptions


Looks great. I am happy to see it continue, this is truly one of my most awaited projects.


I will be tracking this one for sure! Excited to see what happens with it!


So quick update aswell as asking if anyone would be interested in helping with writing or know anyone i could ask, basically ive got a plot, ive got all my scenes planned and all everything is almost ready to begin showing off a bit more,

but my main issue is my story writing, my mind blanks and i spend hours just going around in circles causing me to waste time i should be spending developing the game, if anyone is interested let me know i would greatly appreciate it!


I could tentatively offer some writing assistance. I’ve been spinning my wheels on my own writing projects for a while now, maybe helping out someone else could get me unstuck. Otherwise, there’s plenty of great writers you could reach out to on DeviantArt that I’m sure would love to help!

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i"m down to help, really like where this game is going

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Few Test renders ive done over the course of the past couple weeks, all locations and characters shown will be in the game, these renders however are just for testing and wont be in the game.


This looks neat. Also quick question, do you play as one of the girls or is it more of a you don’t see yourself POV game?

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so the original plot was going to be you would play as one of the girls but ive scrapped that and changed it to a POV game, i decided against it as all the scenes i will be using will be fully rendered rather than rendered background and character overlay, because of this it would probably take me alot more time and effort to make that work with fully rendered scenes (would have to render 2 characters in the scene at one time more regually increasing time taken to sort new scene renders)


Ok neat! I always enjoy these type of renpy games and if I may say, this one looks super promising and I’m glad to see you’re still working on it and haven’t scrapped it. Keep up the good work!

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The renders look great and I’m diggin the characters introduced in the first post. Are all the girls using the same model though?( or same two models). While the clothes, hair, body type/weight of the girls seem unique and different enough, the faces kind of all look like the same to me.

I know that daz can be quite expensive with assets and models so it would make sense that they might all be the same base as to save money. But I’m not sure if having them look so similar or the same face wise is your goal.

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Yeah that is something I was looking at the other day I was comparing the models and they do look fairly similar, I will have a look at potentially changing them to look different as I do have other face structures I can mess around with

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Looks really good! Can’t wait to see more from ya!

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Did you find the hooters shirt somewhere as a premade asset? I’ve been trying to make my own tshirts with logos on them and I find it troublesome to get the logos looking good. Sta.sh Uploads 141 - SexyFatGirlRenders's Sta.sh

I’d totally buy an asset pack that was designed with a selection of sexy logos in mind. Although if you did it yourself, you probably just did it the same way I did?


so i have a few small updates:

here are some pictures of the Main characters house, this will be where you chill when your not at work

currently the renpy coding for the base game is done its just a case of rejigging story and implimenting the scenes, as ive got all the basic features working in game i will list them below:

at work:
you can go to different areas of the office to find different characters throughout the work day,
characters will sometimes randomly visit you while at your office
you will be set tasks each day you must complete before returning home

at home you can:
cook food,
invite people over,
each weekend there are more options (which are still being finalised)

there is plenty more stuff planned and ingame atm i just wont confirm anything more as im not entirely sure if it will remain a feature.

(willow at the main characters house)