Tasty Towers - (Work in progress)

Oooh this is exciting

Mind sharing what apartment asset pack you’re using? It looks pretty good.

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Nice! Thanks for all the updates!

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Dang this is looking pretty advanced as far as development goes

I thought this was a pizza tower mod

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That updated pic of Selene is :fire:.


most clothing assets should come with templates, add the hooters logo to it in photoshop. can’t remember where to go from there as it’s been a while, but a quick google search should help you out.

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is there a download link i want to try this game so badly

There has not been a release yet. So, no there isn’t a download link.


oh ok thank you krodmandoon


So just a quick update, I’ve been quite busy with work and stuff recently but have managed to get a few bits in, I’ve got a few test pictures I will post just to keep everyone in the loop!

(this one had clipping issues)


This girl is super cute. I love her design


is there a link to test this game out? i see it get updated from time to time

Scroll five posts up.


How does one create a VN, I would like to give it a go myself. Where do you get the assets and are they free?

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ren’py makes VN’s it is free.

daz3d makes these images, it is free, BUT anything you do with it requires buying buttloads of expensive assets from the store.

daz3d also requires an nvidia gpu sold within like the last 5-6 years.


Ren’Py is cool. You need to learn some Python programming though to use it.

I’ve heard a lot of people use Daz3d for 3d imagery, but I mostly use another free program called Blender.

If you want 2d art, I would recommend Clip Studio on a Windows system. Krita is great on Linux, and it’s free.
If you must do so, you can look at AI art generators. I would recommend looking up how to run Stable Diffusion locally on your hardware for best results.

Adobe software is dogwater. Screw Adobe.

If you plan on going 3d, I would recommend getting the background code working before the renders are set up. 3d modeling takes up a lot of time if you’re new to it or don’t have high-end hardware.

Most premade assets will cost you money.


ren’py in my opinion is a very easy VN to make the actual game with as its gives a guide on the basics, there are endless options with the limit being knowledge of coding as literally, you can code pretty much anything into it, if your game is just telling a story without a lot of choices on the way to the end of the story it’s fairly easy to make (D.I.E.T for example) however if your making a somewhat sim that’s when it can get difficult or will require a bit more knowledge to make it work (weighing game, a fattening career that sort of stuff)

as people have mentioned above there are some great options available for the art side of things, I mainly use daz3d as I’ve just dumped the most amount of money into it, and also know how to import my own models and props into the software

there is a cheaper alternative called VaM (virt-a-mate) has tons of free decent assets but is a lot more demanding of your pc, quite a few VN on here use this however as this is made in unity I’ve found it’s not as easy to import custom buildings and props into it as daz3d so that the main reason I stuck with Daz


Yea I have a high end set up (RTX 3070, Intel I7) so I’m looking for something that is free/cheap to use. I believe fattening career uses VaM

Really looking forward on playing your game. It looks very nice so far