Teaching At A Magic School! (Twine Visual Novel DebuisCool submission)

Oh boy oh boy I literally 70% of the work in the last 48 hours I have not slept please help
This is story about Markus and Maya. Markus is a potion Teacher and Maya is his newly hired substitute!
Hopefully I can edit posts so I could add more.
P.s play with firefox or chrome

Whoopie daisy made a bit of mistakes this is the edit for those mistakes…

It’s a seperate link because it’s an update after the game jam… which I assume is over?


The art was incredible for this! I really appreciate that you can go back and change your choices so you can see the bad ends without having to replay the whole game.The characters and setting were fun and interesting.

Only issues I ran into were when asked for a belly rub, the yes and no options were reversed and a few spelling mistakes but nothing too critical.

Edit: actually the final choice seems to be backwards as well so that sort of critical


You know, i was so sure that Office administrator was going to win, but after playing this, if this doesn’t get a ranking i would be very surprised.

Brandon ending best ending, really makes me want a game with that set up, you’re some feeder who gains the ability to manipulate minds (Mind you not as op as was set up here) and you just have a world conquest, building up your harem as you bring humanity into a new age of gluttony.

But everything from bad ends to an interesting world you’ve built to even the school of gluttony that you set up, even if this doesn’t win, please continue making games, you have a talent and have made this game jam neck and neck imo


Oh HECC! Well sleep deprivation for the win am I right? Thank you so much for pointing it out to me. I should have finished it earlier so I could have done more play tests. I really glad you enjoyed it, the art really did take the majority of my sanity so I am glad it was worth it. I have uploaded a fix for the options if you wish to play it again. Thank you so much for playing the game

That is so freaking nice of you to say man! I am not as well versed with rpg maker or game making in general I knew a few things about twine so I used it. If I knew HOW to code and make a GAME rather than a visual novel I definitely would have.
And yes. The Best End is the bad end.
Thank you so much for playing my game man.

this was so nice! love the art and characters ^w^

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I really like what you did with the universe! You definitely took a lot of time creating everything and giving all the plot elements are reason of being there. You’re great at worldbuilding! Also, the art is fantastic lol.

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This game is truely amazing in terms of scale! Whilst text may not be as difficult as programming, the sheer volume of text is exceptionally impressive! Along with that the pictures dotted through the story are really really nice! I love the character of Markus, I read him in a slightly snobbish British proffessor type voice, pretty funny especially when he gets annoyed XD You really deserve to do well in the competition! Good luck to you!

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Oh shucks thank you so much! Also That is exactly how he is supposed to be read. Also If I knew how to code properly I swear to god I would’ve made a decent game though!

A decent game you already made! I can assure you of that! (If your game had voice acting I would totally audition to play Markus XD) It would be really interesting to see the aftermath of this competition. I hope it is leading towards potential collaborations between the various artists, writers and programmers of this little site. Some of the ideas in this competition are extremely impressive and I can’t wait to see what the future brings :smiley:

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It might be a bit selfish to ask, but would it be possible to host the game on another site? It sounds great, but I can’t get onto Mega.nz for the life of me :persevere:

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Slight spoilers for the question I’m about to ask:

Would there happen to be an “Evil Maya” bad end? I’ve tried a few choice combos and if there is I can’t seem to find it. If there isn’t one then I like to say the in my little opinion an ending based on how greedy or mean you can get her to be through your choices would be great, like if you could decrease her willpower low enough without getting other bad ends you ger her ultimate bad end by the end of the game.

Otherwise, I think this was an overall short but well-tailord experience with some replay value and personally gets an 8/10 from me for what it’s worth.

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So question, how do I start playing the game, cause I don’t know what to do with an html file

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Any internet browser should be able to open and run it just fine.


That is actually a pretty good idea. Although an Idea like that would’ve taken me more than a couple of days to write. And no there is such end (idk how to add the spoiler tag). And thank you so much for actually writing a suggestion. I’ll probably implement something similar in the next game I make!

This should work hopefully!

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Glad to know, though I do have to confess, I have already dissected the game by downloading twine and seen everything after I played with it for a while. I always have a natural curiosity when it comes to inde games.

Again a short but well put together game. I appreciate you taking what I said into consideration, “Evil” characters and “Bad Ends” are a strange kind of sub-genre in the WG community that can be hard to find, I love looking for what I can and WG themed games always offer the opportunity just by introducing the player with choice, there for they could choose to be “Evil” within reasonable bounds depending on the game of course.

That all aside I do look forward to your next project, and have another question:

What lead to the other endings I found going unused? They seemed well and fine enough. I’d love to know if you could tell me!

(Also just click on the gear in the tools above the text box for the “Blur spoilers” option. :slight_smile:)

Well the reason the other ends were unused was because those were for planing purposes and I then I forgot to delete em but they end up acting as nice easter eggs.

Nice I can use spoiler blur now!

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How can i see the unused endings?

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Just download twine and open the files with it