Oh, you’re new, ain’t yah?

Yeah, you’re a Pilgrim, fresh from the tower no less. You ain’t even got a face, boy.

Well, tell you what. I can fix you right up. Tell me what you remember…from your other life.[/i]

Whoa, hype is right. You sure know how to drop one hell of a teaser.

Wew what an intro. Good luck!

Count me as teased!

I want this.

Well this looks to be interesting


All aboard the hype train!


So much hype! ;D

Meh…I’ve been hypeder… :wink:

No, but srs, I getcha. coughSwitchcough
But I’m definitely stoked to see where this goes!

More HYPE than Maximillian Dood! I think it goes without saying that the chub shall be strong with this game~!

Looks neat! Can’t wait to know more.

uses best willpower to mitigate undue hype until more is revealed

only technically succeeds

normally when something this advanced gets scrapped. if anyone has heard of DEBU it boasted a slow realistic weight gain system and now there is now more news on the game. i really hope this isn’t gonna get cancelled

what i mean by “advanced” is this is the first time i have seen a character creator in a game like this

You realize this is his forum right