Terlium Chronicles - Another World (Demo Build)

Howdy everyone - and welcome to both people new and old! You may have seen an older game I posted - Terlium Chronicles: Keepers of the Rune.

((and if not, here it is: Terlium Chronicles - Keepers of the Rune Ver 0.21b ~))

While that game is still under construction (because most of my own brain-juices on it have sort of… faded), I had a desire to make a new game, that I’ve been working on for, well. Over a year, now. After doing a few private demo builds for my friends, I feel the game is at a decent state for a public build.

The premise of the game itself, is that you play as a character who has been transported from modern earth, into my fantasy setting of Terlium. While I don’t plan on having expansion or weight gain take priority at this time, there are plenty of cute girls (hopefully) to look at. Just that everyone is comically stacked (because I, clearly, have a preference). Though there are a few characters who are notably overweight (but, one doesn’t have a custom sprite, yet).

The current public build is here: Terlium Chronicles - Another World by Parnash

Art is mostly done by a good friend of mine, and a few other art pieces done by other commissioned artists. While most of the sprites are build in-game, cjx4 has created a handful of the player sprites custom.

Of course, if there are any issues or concerns, please let me know!


When you said it’s not gonna be a priority, you still think you will incorporate some weight gain later or is that really of the chart ? Cause the game already look pretty great


I’m honestly debating it, but it’s a heavy lean to it not being on the chart. Maybe for some certain ends I have in mind, but.

Is this a fetish game or a normal rpg?


It’s not focused to be a fetish game. Though the characters do have fetish-y proportions, the game is a straight RPG.

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I’ve updated the game recently - added a few more sprites that were made by cjx4, and fixed a few bugs here and there. Prolly gonna push through a new update soon with some added in dialog and some art from bun (as showcased here), so look out for that!

Also, dangerously considering adding some WG shenanigans as a side quest.

And as usual, feedback is always welcomed!