Terlium Chronicles - Keepers of the Rune Ver 0.21b

Because I’ve updated this a few times, and it has some (tangentially) WG/expansion elements at the moment (some bad ends in the first chapter revolve around the main character getting large, usually due to her own fault, and a future chapter has WG as a plot point), I felt the desire to try tossing this on here, and see what people think of it, and see if it’s worth the time to continue, haha.

Anyway! If you’re looking here, thank you! This is a part of my game setting - Terlium Chronicles! In this game, y’take the role of Colette, novice adventurer, who has been tasked by MYSTERIOUS VOICE to get MAGIC MCGUFFINS. Yes, it’s terribly unoriginal, I am a fan of JRPGs.

Heavily a WIP and minimalistic, as I plan on sprinkling more into the game here and there - my goal being to get most of the plot done before working in NPC stuff.

Noted currently at 0.2b since the game is currently up to the 2nd chapter, and has three bad ends in the first chapter ((All within a few minutes of each other, to be honest)). Spoilered below for people who wanna just see THE BIG.

Once you get the fish, eat it. Do it, coward.
In the Old Hideaway, eat the seed in the big empty room. Don’t select no, or else you won’t be able to access the bad end.
Lose the fight to the first boss. Depending on your level, this is easier said than done.

I’m open to criticism and critique, and if there’s any bugs, lemme know!

And shoutouts to Kitsune for some of the sprites, and MadNEvil for updated mugshots, sprites for the bad end, and sprites for one of the characters (so far)!

and if people want to offer services either for free or for money/services, shoot me a PM! I’m always open for new assets.

Edit: Updated with the map changes below in the thread, and tried a different site to share instead! Probably Dropbox issues. Hopefully this one works, guys!


Yeah, kinda already made a big uh oh…
There’s no way for me to get back to the boat from here due to the cave entrance.
So far, that’s the only game breaking thing I’ve encountered, plus the overall story is rather enjoyable, and the game is alright, pretty bare bones atm, but I’m sure that’ll change over time.
Plus it’s just nice to not constantly hear the same default RPGMaker songs again lol

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WELL, that’s gonna be changed, then.

Here we are, THAT should be the correct map. I hope, haha - just enter the cave and leave, and it should put you right ontop of the cave, rather than below it, so you should be able to get to the rowboat.

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That definitely worked! I had loaded a previous save that I had made before getting the thing back from before the boat existing (haha minor spoiler avoided), so I had to recreate the situation again, but after going through the place I needed the boat to get to (did it again, nice).

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i can’t find your dropbox page for the game itself

Oh, found something else a bit off. Just a strange case of missing wall is all. Image is spoilered just in case:


Not game breaking, but a bug nonetheless.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSDPdbk72v8Ah-4nt2Hqbf5QXwq-UQNV/view?usp=sharing Because Dropbox isn’t letting me make a link to this file for some reason, haha.

I’m not sure what you mean, maldy? The link up in the first post is to the game.

It says I need permission to access the file :frowning:

getting error 404
so the dropbox page is not being found

the dropbox link is down.

Found another slight error with THE TRIAL. Spoilered for definite spoilers:

This tile right here, no matter how I approach it, activates the dialogue for the fish item event. I’m assuming this is partly due to THE TRIAL being somewhat incomplete? I’m not sure due to the outcome, but whatever. I had written down the solution and went off the path in hopes of an ending, but nay. Hopefully there’s one in here at some point.

we need a way to get the game since it says we need permission to download

Just finished the current demo, and without spoiling anything, I have very high hopes for this project! It currently feels a bit, uh… placeholder-y in some places, but what’s given so far it really good if you don’t mind the usual drag that comes with most RPGMaker games gameplay wise, but I feel like that can’t be helped without heavily tweaking the way the game works. Overall, very high potential and a great way to kill a few hours in its current state.

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the link doesn’t work

Should work now, updated the link to a different file share site. c:

much appriciated/thanks

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is meeting the leader of the bloodmight the only thing possible right now?

There’s plenty more able to be done after meeting that leader. I was stuck in that area for a bit. I don’t remember how to to do the spoiler messages too, but if you need help, I’ve beaten the current version.

i just don’t know where to go