terraria player character/vanity set reskins?

got to thinking recently, since we’re able to reskin the playable characters and vanity sets for terraria, why hasn’t someone taken it upon themselves to make a fatter version of them?
would be a lot less time consuming than an actual weight gain mod as well! i find it quite unfortunate that i haven’t been able to find even one example of such a thing yet!

(If anyone knows of anything though please do let me know, I’d be very interested. Also if this is the incorrect category do let me know about that as well.)


Yea, that would be great. I really want to see some fat Terraria mods

In the interest of scientific inquiry, I quickly sketched a concept for how this idea would actually look, using the Mechanic as a base. I tried to stay faithful to the Terraria artstyle, as crusty and kitchen-sinky as it is.



Fantastic work considering the source material!

Honestly I wonder if it’s possible to beef up the base sprite scale of the game at all- not just for more detailed kink stuff but also to just
Make more detailed sprites possible

I think you can actually up the resolution of the sprites in this game without actually making the sprites bigger (unlike stardew valley for example), so if anyone were to make new ones they wouldn’t need to limit themselves.

I’ve found articles that explicitly state the contrary, unfortunately- unless of course I’m looking in the wrong places.

Here is an example I found of a modified player character with a higher resolution and their normal size: Steam Workshop::Waifu Player Pack

Edit: same thing again with the mechanic: Steam Workshop::NPC well endowed Mechanic /tg/

Oh goodness

Alright, it is possible then! Just have to be mindful of the sprite resolution upon export- should be simple enough…

I’ve actually been throwing together a resource pack that makes the NPCs and their shimmered variants fat (with three variable sizes you can pick from in the files) for a couple weeks now. It’s nothing too extraordinary (and it uses the normal Terraria sprites as a base, I don’t want to break up the game’s aesthetic with double resolution shenanigans) and I really wish I had the tools to make an actual mod instead but you take what you can get I guess.

I want to at least get four NPCs ready (two male and two female) before I put it out for the world to see but I figured I’d just let everyone know since I’ve been handed the opportunity.


Yes!!! Looking forward to them!

This is super good :eyes:!! Glad to at least see a little something even if it’s a concept!!

Would you be posting the resource pack anywhere after you’ve completed it?

Yes, I’m not sure how to go about it though. I think just posting it here could be enough, but maybe opening up a different topic would be a better idea.

EDIT: I’ve finished the two male NPCs I said I would before uploading the resource pack. Making a new topic soon.

I think opening a new topic would be better, since it is your own personal project

I mean, I could help… unless you are a good way into the texture pack… :man_shrugging: