Terraria Fat NPC Resource Pack

So a while ago I mentioned in terraria player character/vanity set reskins? that I was making a resource pack for Terraria that changed the NPCs to be fat. Right now I got it in a somewhat presentable state, so I figured I’d upload it for everyone to see.

What does this change?

  • 3 weight levels you can choose from for the Guide, Nurse, Arms Dealer, Dryad, Witch Doctor, Stylist, Golfer and Zoologist.
  • Additionally, the Guide, Stylist, Golfer and Zoologist have shimmered forms ready, but those are older sprites and will be changed soon.
  • Two paintings.

Am I going to keep updating this pack with more NPCs and niceties? I don’t know. I tend to drop projects rather easily, but I’ll do it as long as I have the motivation to keep going.
If I do update this in the future, I’ll definitely not keep this restricted to NPCs, I might change enemies as well. I’ll also add more male NPCs, since although I am not into men there are people who are and would appreciate that.

How do I get this thing going?

It’s rather simple. All you need to do is put the folder I’ll provide for you later in the post inside your ResourcePacks folder (for Windows users, it should be located in C:\Users(insert your profile name here)\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks), and it will appear inside your game’s Workshop Hub when you boot it up.
Now, you might notice that it doesn’t actually change much, if anything at first. That’s because I disabled all the images by hiding them inside folders the game doesn’t look into; to fix that, you’ll need to extract the pack, go into the files and manually put them outside these folders yourself. This way you can customize your NPCs and make them as fat as you’d like.

Depending on how you extract the .zip, Windows might puke all the individual files out instead of packaging them neatly inside a folder. If that happens, create the folder yourself and put all the files inside. It doesn’t matter what the folder is called, the game’ll recognize it anyway.

Cool. But where’s the file I need to download?

Here you go: fcrp.zip (485.3 KB)

And last but not least, some pictures you can look at:

image image

Please tell me if you run into any issues, have any suggestions/feedback or just want to say how much you like/dislike/love/utterly despise what I made. It wasn’t that much work, it just took this long because I’m slow at doing things.
Also make sure to tell me if I put this in the wrong category, I saw other people make posts about similar things here so I just went along with that and am hoping for the best.


This is fantastic! I started using this pack and I’m really excited to see more! The Massive sprites are particularly good~

I like these! Looking forward to more.

How do I get these to work in the Steam version?

You need to get whatever textures you want to use into the TownNPCs folder outside their original folder (chubby, fat, etc)

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Where EXACTLY do I need to put them? I’ve tried putting them in the “Documents” folder & even the actual game folder, but nothing seems to work. They don’t even show up in the “workshop” list…

I didn’t upload this pack to the workshop or anything (probably never will as it would be much more inconvenient to move files around and it’s also not a good fit for that place either way), so you won’t find them there.
As for where you need to put the folder, provided you’re using Windows it should go in the file path C:\Users(insert your profile name here)\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks, as outlined in the original post. That’s where non-Workshop resource packs go as a rule of thumb.
After that it’s just a matter of going into the files, picking out the ones you like and putting them out of their respective folders and into the TownNPCs folder.

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I figured out the problem…
I was stupid & didn’t put it into a folder titled “BigGirls” & instead extracted everything into the “ResourcePack” folder… Thanks for all your help & sorry for being an idiot about this. God bless you all!

It’s alright lol, happy to help and hope you enjoy the pack!

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This is awesome! :O
I’d love to see some other sprites down the road, but this I’m gonna be using for a while! ^v^

I’m wondering if you could do an fat furry alt for this mod? Because some people don’t like fat humans and prefer fat furs instead. And maybe make them fatter too?

Maybe? I’m definitely partial to the idea myself but doing that and/or a new weight stage is quite a bit of work (and if I recall correctly the “massive” sheets already are pretty close to hitting the image borders so there might not even be enough room for that), so no promises.

Since I’m here already I suppose I could tell y’all what I’ve been up to all this time… which is not much. I’ve worked on an NPC here and there and edited a painting, but nothing of substance ready. I just kinda got bored after a while. Maybe I could go back to work on this and release a small update sometime in the near future though. And just so you know, if anyone wants to take anything in this pack and edit it and make their own versions of the sheets feel free, I don’t mind.


Oh okay, thank you for responding and confirming that you’ll let other people make their own!

So about a week ago I was browsing the internet and saw an image I took a particular liking to, and it inspired me to keep doing work on this pack. So yeah, I’m (sort of, no promises) back! First off, some of my plans for the upcoming update:

  • This pack is almost a year old at this point. I’ve (marginally) improved my spriting skills since then so I’m going to overhaul the existing weight stages for all the NPCs. This way I get rid of minor inconsistencies and can properly address the fact I seemingly forgot one of the legs should show in front when editing the sheets, as well as just making general improvements overall.
  • Since I’m planning myself better this time I’ll bump up the planned NPC additions from 2 to 4. It’s still going to take a lot of work because of the aforementioned overhaul and also something I’ll get into later but I figure it’s warranted, yknow? It’s been a year and all that.
  • Might include an enemy sheet as well. I don’t plan to include multiple sizes for enemies because they have a sizeable range of different body structures and sheet dimensions, but I don’t think it’s gonna be a big issue regardless.
  • I just barely managed to squeeze it in… image

If nothing gets in my way I should have everything ready between the end of this week and the end of next week. If anyone has any suggestions for enemies or NPCs you’d like to see feel free to comment; I won’t promise any additions but if it’s something already on my list I’ll prioritize it.


Curious, but will there be a furry version? Just asking-

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I’m currently avoiding doing overhauls of that nature for the time being because there’s still plenty of things I want to add to the pack by just building on top of vanilla content, since I figured keeping things grounded on what most people are familiar with would give the pack a wider range of appeal.

That said, once most of everything I want to do is done and I have a good framework for further changes I could look into branching out into doing additions in the style of some of the popular Workshop items out there (such as “HD” packs with double pixel density, boss resprites, the infamous “waifu” packs and the like) so I could definitely look into doing something akin to the furry NPC resprites in the future. Gonna take a while to get to that point though.

It’s not like the base game is devoid of “furry” NPCs per se though imageimage, and adding that to a couple enemies and a boss I plan to include in the pack down the line I’d encourage you to stick around regardless if it’s just changes of that type you’re looking for.


Oh okay, thank you anyways. I hope that you might get to it, and yeah, vanilla terraria is lacking furries

So it turns out it took quite a bit of work indeed. I don’t think I’ll have much time available to keep working on this for the rest of the current week (if any) so I’ve gone ahead and updated the file at the start of the thread.

I’ve been able to finish the 3 original weight stages rework for the old NPCs as well as the new ones; shimmered forms are still unchanged. Still I encourage you to check it out and see if the new animations are to your liking. Eventually I’ll include a comparison image/gif as well…


Oh okay, thank you! And I hope you have a good day

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Is there any plans for other npcs in the future to be given weight stages as well? Besides the npcs which obviously… Shouldn’t have weight stages?

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