Text adventure game that I forgot the name of.

Hello! I recently remembered a text adventure game that I played a while back but I can’t for the life of me find anything on it.

All I remember is that in the game, you get some context before you’re able to play about a cousin of yours who had grown incredibly obese and unfortunately had died from what I can only assume is a heart attack, but of a depressing start but the game makes up for it lol. A feature I do remember in the game was the ability to gain “Uncle Tokens” from doing favours for well, your uncle.

If anyone has any information on it then it would be greatly appreciated if you could link me to the game, thanks!



Thank you! Been looking for this for so long.

While the other person linked to the game, here’s the link to the forum thread post:

Thanks for coming up with those links, everyone. That strange game is mine. XD

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