The currently unamed stuffing rpg



Hello? Are you online?


Where’s the game application in


This is a forum not a chat service. The point is to leave messages so people can reply when they’re online.

But to answer you’re question, you need to use an extractor to get the game out. 7zip is the one i use and can open .rar files. After that I’m pretty sure the file you need to open after that is just called ‘game.exe’


i see, and how do I finish the cupcake quest on the game?


Find all the cupcakes. Make sure you check all the buildings and talk to everyone.


okay, and how I find Madeleine now that I’ve aacomplished the mansion quest?


You should join the Discord server he provided, and you can ask about the game in the discord server.


The BEST RPG Maker game involving WG. I love it!

can’t wait for future updates.