The Extreme Weight Gain Fantasy

DISCLAIMER) As given by the title, this post is mainly to gather other’s opinions on strictly fictional extreme weight gain. Of course, it’s going to relate back to real life, as kinks trigger a very real, sensual, and physical reaction in our bodies, and to dissect something like this, it’s going to take observations from reality, but please don’t digress too far into real life.

So, what about it appeals to people? I’ve never really understood it myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m not attracted to parts of it. Is it the sheer size? Is it the immobility aspect? What’s different about extreme weight gain that puts it in a different class than normal weight gain, or is it just that extreme weight gain is just more of normal weight gain? Is bigger truly better for some people?

Before I give my perspective, I have a test for everyone. I’m going to put an passage of extreme weight gain fiction, and I want you all to read your preferred passage of choice and then answer in the poll what you think.




The Portal by weeb-lord on DeviantArt

Knowing this, the queen began to absorb the figure that was, apparently, her daughter. What had seemed like a massive half-kneaded pile of dough big enough to feed an elven army was actually, she realized, a thigh so humongous it probably weighed five times what the queen’s whole body did. The two sagging lumps wrapped in cow-print fabric were actually the princess’s buttocks, rising up behind her and producing the elephant’s share of the odor that poured off her frame. That fabric weaved in and out of her fat, covering seemingly random parts of it, and though one could tell that it could have fit even someone of Valyssa’s size, it was woefully overstretched and undersized on Elma. It was torn to bits, held together only by where it was wedged in her many wobbling rolls.

In the center of all of it was her face, though you had to look hard to even recognize it as such. Her eyes were half-lidded in semi-consciousness, and the bulging butter-bags of her cheeks made it hard to pick out the emerald glimmer that she shared with her mother. They were so enormous that they even covered up half of her elongated ears, leaving only the tips to flick and wiggle as they were crushed by the flab of her cheeks. Between those cheeks was where the connecting tube terminated, going right into Elma’s lips with a constant gulping sound. Further downward, it was all chin after chin, misshapen rolls leading right into the heaving pile that was her belly fat. Her gut was so enormous it spilled out at least three or four feet beyond the ends of her legs, threatening to spill of the front of the cart.

Her extremities were perhaps the most unbelievable part of her. It was as if someone had pumped pure lard into a pale white balloon, just going and going to see how much they could fit. The nimble little princess who had once impishly dashed about the halls, evading her teachers and performing sleight-of-hand that could impress someone 100 years her senior, now had fingers so packed with fat that they were as thick as her mother’s wrist. It was doubtful whether she could even wiggle them, just splayed out against one another like the clumsy limbs of a starfish. Her feet and toes were little better, her bare soles losing their arch for all the lard that were stuffed into them. Any other joints were, of course, obviously out of the question, if only for the sheer weight that would need to be lifted to get them to move.



Lardfill: "Meals Included" - new gainer fiction

As he stood, his belly fell down almost to his knees, and his fat chest sloshed down and out to the sides, unable to find anywhere else to go on his oversized body. He stood with his legs wide apart with his back arched - even if it wasn’t something you could see, with his fat rolls obscuring his spine. He felt his shorts slip down the curve of his big fat ass, and didn’t even attempt to try to stop the fabric slipping. The 6xl shirt he was wearing was the biggest he had to wear at home, and it was exposing so much flesh that he was not decent to ever walk out the door in anything other than his massive uniform for work - and that was happening less and less. He knew he would be fired because of his weight soon, but it also didn’t stop his appetite.

He took a heavy, clumsy step to the left to shuffle by the coffee table. It was a simple movement, but at this size, Randy felt like it was a tricky manoeuvre and was thinking it was time to start using the reclining chair more. He grabbed onto the back of the recliner as he took the next few steps, his underbelly sloshing and jiggling with every tiny movement. The constant body movements were throwing his balance off lately, and his muscles weren’t holding up to the weight very well.

He was gasping for air by the time he made it into the washroom. He turned on the shower, letting it run at a lukewarm temperature while he sat heavily down on the toilet - which no longer felt large to him. The large bowl felt like a normal one now, and knowing how huge it felt when he first moved in, he felt a certain pride in his incredibly fast growth. The large meals, the endless eating and sitting on his ass had transformed himself into such a huge mess of lard that he was worried about how he would even be able to function as a person soon.

He entered the large shower afterwards and enjoyed the slightly cool water showering down from above his head.The water helped lower his temperature that he worked up in the short path from the couch to the washroom. The sweat washed away, and the soap bar was soon sliding and glossing over every inch and fold of fat. He loved the feeling of the lather on his skin, making it slippery as he ran his hands in and out of the endless rolls, folds, and between his legs. The body fat was especially tender between his thighs and the rubbing skin always made them hot and in need of some special attention. He took a handful of his thigh fat, and felt the heavy blob of flesh in his palm, knowing that there was more fat on one of his thighs now than there had been on his entire belly a few months ago.

  • I enjoyed reading this and its extreme weight gain themes.
  • I normally like extreme weight gain, but the writing ruined it.
  • I didn’t like the extreme weight gain description.
  • I didn’t bother reading it.

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EDIT) I forgot to include an option as to where you liked the writing, but you’re not a big fan of extreme weight gain normally. For now, just pick the third option, unless people would want me to remake the poll.

I couldn’t find any undefined gender/sex extreme weight gain, so apologies to those who don’t like either; it probably would have made the poll more actually scientific. There’s also probably some sort of bias that might have affected it, given that I am only attracted to one sex. Can you guess who I prefer?

My take: In the moment, it’s usually pretty attractive, especially if I’ve been on a fat media binge beforehand. When thinking about it intellectually, it becomes a whole lot darker and creepy, to the point where I’m repulsed by it. I’ve never liked the idea of someone being 600 lbs or higher, in that “superchub” range. I mean, I’m going to be an outright hypocrite and say that at first, it’s definitely arousing, but in something as interactive as games or even just fat literature, where you have to put a least a little bit of thought into it, it gets scary fast. I don’t like thinking about the issues that such a weight would bring, and I can’t not think about it when I’m trying to create my own fantasy from the fiction before me.

I won’t lie; for me, some of the appeal of weight gain lies in being too big for the world. Those clothes that are too tight, that awkward moment where you get stuck in an embarrassing position, that almost uncomfortable weight hanging off of you at every moment. But I also personally love being active, moving around in a nimble fashion, and I guess most importantly, being healthy. Not to say that it’s impossible to be fat and healthy; it’s more than possible, but at those extreme weights? It’s practically a certainty that there’s something wrong with your body, however small of an issue it might be. And that scares me that someone would willingly (or unwillingly, but that’s a topic for another day) undergo that or give up a lot of freedoms just to satisfy a sexual desire.

In any case, what are your opinions of extreme weight gain in fantasy? Arousing? Turn-off? Attractive? Repulsive?


I’m (almost) always a BIG fan of extreme WG! And the more impossibly fat, the more I’ll enjoy it. “Bigger is better” never came with a limit, after all.


Hoo boy. I could write paragraph after paragraph on what it is about extreme weight gain that gets me going. I’m gonna try to summarize my main thoughts, though.

The size, shape, and softness are a draw for people into fatness of all ranges, of course, and that appeal just goes even further with ‘bigger than life’ weight gain, as the body becomes increasingly dominated by that jiggly mass that entices you so much.

The gluttonous aspects and implications also really appeal to me. The idea of gorging with delicious, fattening foods to such excessive degree to end up like that is a huge thrill the innate joy of indulging in good food taken to extremes.

The struggle with extreme size can also be a turn-on. Things becoming more difficult, getting harder to move, harder to bend, harder to satisfy that ravenous appetite that’s only making the body fatter and heavier. Even once they’re too fat to stand, if they keep going they still have their arms growing harder to lift and push past all the fat.

I’m also REALLY into the dom/sub aspects of a feeder/feedee relationship, mainly on the sub/feedee side. The idea of getting so fat for someone that’s dedicated to loving and caring for you that you end up giving your freedom and responsibilities over to them entirely by being immobilized by fat is a huge turn on and honestly feels really liberating in a way, no longer having to worry about handling various daily struggles and stressors in life because you’re so fat that someone else has to take care of those things instead. All you have to do now is keep getting fatter.

That’s more or less what appeals to me about extreme, immobilizing fatness. There’s always more to say, but that covers the main aspects.


I’ll be honest, for me it’s a turn off. In my fiction I generally like it when the (female) characters get fat and maybe a little inconvenienced, but not to the point of absurdity and immobility. It’s okay if other folks dig it, but for me I want a soft, heavy partner who’s still capable of keeping up with me and taking care of herself


I’ll go “Half.”

Relish the Female WG of just about any extent.

Despise Male WG of any kind.


i personaly love the extreams but I all think its becuase I find enjoyment from WG but its not really sexual. that and when its realistic or in art term looks like real life its a turn off. yeah thats better wording. I have no interest it it being real so when it tries to be as close to real is it can thats a turn off(even tho I don’t really do it for sexual pleasue)
oh and I am much more for Female WG over male


I love extreme weight-gain, though it depends on how “real” the writer decides to make it. Hyper-realism is a real coin-toss for me. The text-adventure Gaining Perspective, for example, was both interesting and incredibly enjoyable despite being so dark (and kind of graphic). Both because it took a lot of creativity to make something otherwise impossible to seem plausible in this reality, and because of the actual weight gain that just kept going.

On the other hand, what really appeals to me is just the soft-doughy BIGNESS of it all. And then bigger.

I’m not a fan of it in reality, because while the higher weights may be attractive to me, the downsides are far more concerning. If someone wants to get that big, then go for it, but it’s something I wouldn’t ever wish for otherwise because of the health and well-being for anyone who goes beyond 500lbs.

Even if you exercise and eat healthy, which are great boons of course, the literal weight is still a strain on the human body.

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yeah agreed my Interests in WG are solely fictional no real life or super realistic


I already touched on part of it here. I think this excellent story captures the limit to which I want extreme weight gain realism to go. In the realm of fantasy, “extreme” is subjective, particularly in the world of weight gain (some people are into the planetary proportions, after all). Ultimately, I find the attraction to extreme weight gain in the size of the rounded curves and rolls, the adipose physics, and the sheer weight of it all. For me, the negative health consequences are great as long as they are limitations and obstacles, not insurmountable challenges. That is why I draw the line at immobility.

Perhaps unlike most in this kink, I do not care for intentional stuffing. Gluttony for the sake of getting fatter is a turn-off for me because it suggests willing acceptance, if not outright embracing, of the health and mobility repercussions. Instead, I welcome overeating out of a naturally large appetite and poor nutritional decisions. The habit should be from a lack of understanding of portion control, not from a love of gorging and addiction to the food coma.

I think it is important that you distinguished this thread as pertaining primarily to fictional depictions. Fantasy is critical to my enjoyment of extreme weight gain for two main reasons. First, people’s bodies in real life often react in unappealing ways to extreme morbid obesity. Proportionality is off, skin complexion suffers, and cellulite deposits can create ugly lumps. Second, superchubs appreciate their physique, while I like to observe the morbidly obese that are ashamed of their size. The ultra-fat that are embarrassed of their bodies rarely document their struggles, and those that do often have underlying reasons why they are overweight (e.g. family trauma, eating disorder) that interfere with my enjoyment of them.

Side note: I am drawn to the internal relationships: one’s relationship with their lifestyle choices and their body. As a result, I have a difficult time finding weight gain literature that caters to my interests; the fictional weight game genre often centers around dom-sub feeder-feedee relationships.

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TL/DR: I won’t lie, this one totally got away from me. It went from a legitimate and long winded answer into a sprawling monster, ending with an odd bit of prose that became a short story. Given it’s 4 am, how long I’ve worked on it, and how tired I am, I’ve opted to post it as is.

For those who don’t want to page through this monster, for me, part of the appeal of extreme weight (to the point of immobility) is the helplessness of the person involved. Where many games regard the immobile ending as the bad end, it often is the very end I’m shooting for, and it’s something of an annoyance when I can’t push it further then that.

If this has whet your appetite, and you wish to peruse the strange bit of prose it becomes, feel free to continue. I shan’t be offended if you decline to do so. Frankly, I’ll be happy so long as I don’t get banned for this abomination of a post, lol.

I will preface this by saying that, while immobility and extreme weight is a favored fantasy of mine in fantasy, it is most definitely NOT something I would ever desire for a partner in reality, willing or otherwise.

The health concerns are obvious, as is the fact that I can all but guarantee I wouldn’t be able to take being someone’s perpetual servant (for quite literally everything) for all that long.

A couple things that are almost never mentioned for whatever reason are as follows. First, what the heck do you DO with someone that size? They literally have no life, save eating more and getting fatter. They can’t walk, they can’t go anywhere, and so everything you can do needs to be something stationary, and playing games or watching movies would get tedious after awhile. Simply put, spending time with them would eventually get very boring, broken up only by numerous trips for more food or cleaning supplies. Any excitement at this point would probably be a medical emergency, so not really the excitement you’d want.

I will point out that I haven’t washed my truck since August, so relying on me to regularly wash a human being who isn’t myself would be a very bad choice as well.

The second one, and this is a very big one for me: could you imagine what that room and its sole occupant would SMELL like!? I saw Gaining Perspective was mentioned above, and one of the endings had the PC’s relatives coming in the house, and before they see you, one of them comments on the smell of rotting garbage. That smell would be permanent. The causes of that smell are heinous. I won’t go into details, but frankly I would throw up.

There was a quote of Foxfire486 I always liked, and it was in response to someone asking about realism in weight gain art, and what he said always stuck with me. I am paraphrasing and it was awhile ago, so I may not be exact: “I like to keep it to the fantastical. If Kiari was real, the firemen would be cutting out the wall of the house to get her to the hospital before she died. The more real it gets, the more the situation goes from ‘Oh yeah!’ to ‘Oh… yeah…’”

Well, that intro wound up far too long. Anyway, into the actual meat of the question.

First off, as stated above, too much realism kills it for me. I hate medical stuff, and making it more detailed only makes it worse. One of the first weight gain fictions I found and really enjoyed was the “I Hate my Twin” series by Zarbon, via Dimensions magazine (yes, I am that old). Part VIII is the final installment, and at the risk of spoilers, all three of the main girls wind up immobile giants, with the smallest one (the busty former caretaker and friend to the original blob, Melanie) weighing in at 1189 pounds.

There is very little mention of anything medical. The biggest girl is Jenny, weighing in at 1778 pounds, and all the medical stuff mentioned is regarding her. At one point, Zarbon states she’s on oxygen, which makes her feel hundreds of pounds lighter. At another, he mentions she has the occasional bed sore, but is otherwise as happy as a pig in mud. And at her final posted weight, he mentions that she moves nothing but her mouth all day, allowing her nurses to feed her, wheezing even with her oxygen running.

This is about my limit for medical stuff. Enough of a mention to know it’s there, but slight enough for me to safely ignore or skim over. There’s nothing medical mentioned at all about Melanie (1189) or Jenny’s sister, Eve (1237), and it’s not like either girl is that far behind her weight-wise.

It does say something about how fat they all are that 541 pounds between Eve and Jenny doesn’t seem like a whole heck of a pile, doesn’t it? But yeah, the closest he’s gets is mentioning that it takes all three nurses to help Mel up and to the toilet, and she’s rapidly losing even that barest sense of mobility, needing the nurses to clean her where she lies more and more frequently.

I won’t go into any real detail with this second one, suffice to say I truly despise scat. And it bothers me immensely just how hard it can be at times to find extreme weight gain fiction that doesn’t involve a lot of medical, or the woman ****ing herself. And I do hope no one takes my likes or dislikes as direct attacks against them, and I hope the next paragraph will add some clarification.

See, there is at least one weight gain story involving the above that I do enjoy, and while my reason for enjoying it may not be the same as everyone else, it does at least explain a little of the appeal for me.

She is incapable.

She is useless.

She is totally helpless, and is only growing more so by the day.

And it is such a turn-on.

It’s truly hard to explain the appeal in words, and I can only hope someone else gets where I’m coming from. You start with a young woman. Maybe she’s not perfectly skinny, but chubby at most. Regardless she starts putting on weight.

A Lot of weight.

Maybe she was tricked or sabotaged into gaining weight, like Eve did to her sister Jenny at the start of their story.

Maybe she was eased into it, like Melanie was. When Mel moved in and became Jenny’s stay-at-home caretaker, she was 320 pounds, and Jenny was 698 and growing fast. Jenny was eating full pelt all day long, and it wasn’t a surprise for Mel when her friend confessed she was intentionally piling on the pounds. Melanie wound up snacking throughout the day with her gargantuan friend, and it was easy to ignore her growing weight. Jenny was so much bigger, eating so much more, and gaining so much quicker that the pounds simply snuck up on Mel. And when she did notice, why would she worry? She was still so small next to Jenny, so mobile next to her, and there was no way she’d ever have to worry about getting that big.


Maybe she leaped off that bridge willingly, excited for every step of the process. Jenny may have been sabotaged at the start of the story, but by the end was thrilled with every pound she put on. And while Eve may have concocted the plan as a means to get back at her sister, her curiosity drove her to start her own weight gain odyssey, and before long she was pounding back the chow, desperate to gain as much and as quickly as possible. It was a weight gain rivalry between Mel and Eve that pushed both girls into immobility, in the end, though it seems likely they’d have done it to themselves regardless of the circumstances.

Regardless of how it starts, the weight keeps piling on, and she blows by every landmark. She out grows clothes. She bursts them. She out grows booths. She out grows chairs. She starts getting winded. It gets worse. Maybe she used to exercise? Circumstances force her to give it up. She used to run 5 miles. Then she walked it. Then she got winded walking a block. Then she couldn’t manage even that without a break.

Is she gaining quickly?

Is she gaining slowly?

Does it matter?

She used to feel full on a salad. Then a burger. Then two. Then two with double patties. Before she knew it, she was eating fast food five times a day, and was still hungry. She eats until she’s full. More everyday.





Her body keeps growing. Belly. Breasts. Legs. Arms. Hips. Clothes get tight. She buys bigger ones. Normal shops don’t carry her size. She goes to the Big and Tall. Now they don’t carry her size. She orders online. Expensive.

How does she cope?

Does she?

She’s so fat. Everything’s so big. It’s sagging so much. It’s so jiggly. She’s still eating more. She’s still eating more. She’s getting bigger. Saggier. More jiggly.

She can’t stop.


Does it matter?

It’s getting out of hand. She got too big to walk. Then she got too big to drive. Walking’s even worse now then before. Still so hungry. Eating more then ever. Still getting fatter. Now standing is hard. Crossing a room feels like running a marathon. Even hungrier. Eats even more. Gets even fatter. The problems are now worse.

This isn’t sustainable. She needs help.

From who?

Her boyfriend or girl friend who started her gaining? Told her she was so hot as she grew and grew and grew? Did they bring her urges to the fore? Or was she reprogrammed into an eternally hungry, ever gaining machine, slave to the whims of another?

Does she seek help from her friends? Did they start her down this path? Were they jealous of her beauty? Was she vain, and this is her punishment? Why do they help her, without helping her? Do they make her fatter? Lazier? More helpless? Why?

Her parents maybe? Or other family, for that matter? What do they think of this? Do they keep her gaining? Why don’t they stop this? Why does X look at her like that? Disgust? Pity? Something else? Is that better or worse?

Does it matter?

She moves somewhere with help. She doesn’t need to move unaided anymore. Or much at all, really. Lost what little physical activity she had left. Probably a mistake. Now there’s always food within arms reach. Definitely a mistake. Not even walking to the fridge or door. Now she’s fatter then ever. Eats more. Does less. Gets even fatter.

She can’t fit through doors. They get widened. She grows to match. She crushes the couch. They buy a new couch. It’s beefier. It eventually breaks under her ever expanding tush. Her belly touches the floor. She’s so God damned fat. Why keep eating? Why stop? Can she? Her will, or someone else’s?

She’s pretty fat. She needs help to bathe.

She’s gotten fatter. She needs help to rise. One, two, more.

She’s even fatter. Needs aid to walk. Knees wobble. It hurts. She’s so very fat. She still eats more.

How much longer?

She’s too big to rise from bed without aid. Eats more. Now she’s too big to rise from bed with aid. God, she’s so fat. Still getting fatter? How? Still eating more? How?

Does it matter? She’s so, so fat.

Eat, eat, eat. Grow, grow, grow. She’s spreading out. Getting bigger. So much fatter. Always hungry. Her backside grows. She rises in the air. Her belly grows. It rises above her. Harder to see. Eats more. Her arms are huge. Like the rest of her. She keeps eating. Growing. Her arms get fatter. Like the rest of her.

She can’t do anything. Can’t work. Can’t clean. Can’t even move. All she can do is eat, as long as you bring it to her. God, she’s so fat. Getting fatter. Her arms are huge. Getting fatter. Her arms are getting tired. Still she eats. It’s all she can do. Try to sate an appetite she has no hopes of taming.

Still hungry. So, so hungry. Still fat. So, so fat. Surrounded by an Empire of Lard. She jiggles. Her mind has surrendered to her body. Her body is a slave to her stomach. Still so hungry.

Eats more.

Gets fatter.

Do her arms get too big to move?

Does it matter?

Still she eats.

So, so hungry.

She needs more.

Her bed cracks.

She needs more.

Still getting fatter.

Completely helpless.

Please feed me.

Make me full.

Make me fatter.

Her bed breaks.

Her belly growls.

Somehow fatter.

More and more and more and more and more and more andmoreandmoreandmore…


I love extreme weight gain. I’ve always gone by the saying, 'Bigger is better!" Sadly I know the sizes I dream about in real-life are not possible, but it is nice to dream, write, and read.

While I do like high-end weight gain, I didn’t even read the story once I saw, “scat” in the story description. I despise anything with scat in it. I also strongly dislike slob stories as well. So regardless of how good the rest of the story is, it’s one I completely avoided.

I’m also not real big on the medical stuff. Much like what LeftHandManGary said, a little bit of medical is nice, but not too much. It’s also why I prefer Fantasy or Sci-Fi when it comes to weight gain - you can use Handwavium to ignore most of the icky medical stuff.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi also can drive a story along in how somebody might get that big. Medical experiment gone awry? Mad Scientist with his new Fat Ray Gun? Magical curse for disturbing a magical tomb?


To be perfectly honest, I didn’t fully read either of the stories, mostly because I’m not too big of a fan of XWG in the first place. I just selected the passages based on the actual quality (syntax, grammar, description, etc) that I found; I didn’t even notice the scat/slob tag in the link because I was just trying to skim for something suitable, and to be honest, I didn’t think that the selected excerpt was too bad in regards to the extraneous kink stuff.

That being said, I can totally understand (and sympathise with) your reaction. I would be more than open to change the passage if someone can find a suitable replacement, although many XWG stories seem to also include slob kinks.

Not to be condescending or to call you out in particular, as this seems to be a common issue with discussions like these, but I don’t see how sexual orientation has any relevance to the topic at hand. I provided both for a reason, as the site caters to people of all kinds.

I get that the forum is dominantly female focused, and therefore most people here can agree and relate to opinions like yours, but the question was primarily if extreme weight gain appeals to you and the reasoning behind it. You can mention specific examples, but there’s no need to drag an entire demographic, whether it was intentional or not.

For anyone reading this, please remember to keep an open mind, be inclusive towards everyone, and try to stay on topic.


See if I can aim for brevity this time. I should never write things when I’m sleep deprived.

Never clicked on the link above, I just read the sample provided, and when last I checked I was in the minority which said “Normally like XWG, but not this piece.” I admit that I only skimmed the piece, but one thing that really stuck out for me with the Elf’s description was her fingers being bigger around then the other person’s wrist.

My brain stopped at the point of, “so quite literally every knuckle in her hand is broken…”

I was asked for my opinion, I provided it.

Don’t know where you’re extrapolating sexuality from that.

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Slob does seem to be common theme with weight-gain stories, as well as gluttony. Neither turn me away like scat, but I don’t enjoy them much either, especially stories that dwell too much on it with long, drawn-out scenes. But everybody to their own of course.

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Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Minor slob, like eating ribs and getting sauce smeared around your mouth, doesn’t bother me. But a lot of them get to the point of rotting food stuck between folds and the like. Came across one story a while back which included in its description, “she hasn’t been cleaned since she became immobile 5 years ago.”

My exact thought was “I am never, EVER, clicking on that link.” There’s something to be said for not being perpetually greasy or smelling like rotting garbage, lol.


same choise


Immobility is a huge turn off for me