The Growing King

I’d foremost like to personally thank all those who played The Growing Prince either via here or
The response I had to the project was nothing more than amazing and I’m so happy I managed to get it made in the time frame I had but not only that the game was made for as a birthday present for my best friend who enjoyed it so much he commissioned a sequel.
I shall be starting development on the project on Monday morning and I hope to get it fully developed with 3 weeks time frame.
There will be new features in The Growing King including more character models, more background artwork, multiple choice dialogue options and a longer story mode with deeper darker story arcs.

Update 12/8/19: Work has begun on new artwork and shall hopefully be finished up by Sunday 18th August.
Update 17/8/19: Linework has been finished and colouring work has started on artwork.
Update 7/10/19: had to start from scratch and I am past point of previous update.
The Growing Prince can be found here:



I’M SO EXCITED! I can’t wait!

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Update 18/8/19 - All artwork is finished and programming and development has begun.

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Update 7/10/19 - I apologize for the lack of updates folks, I literally had to start the game from scratch on a new computer as well as deal with recently busy IRL too, I am still working on the game and shall hopefully have it up in the next few weeks or so.


The concept to the game sounds really good.

for some reason the growing prince link doesn’t work