The Last Cresani(formerly Lanna's Adventures)

All of a sudden I want to ask if anyone had the original Lanna’s Adventure (Before the new update with the temples). For some reason I wanted to compare the old version with the new one.

Huh, that’s a new one. That’ll have to be looked into as well(though I"m aware I’m super slow with my game work lol)

Question, are you supposed to lose the first Adventurer Guild tournament? It seems a bit rough. And when I try the kill spray, it loads right back into the lobby as if the third fight against Phage didn’t happen, unless that’s intended? It’s a bit hard to tell. Then when I lose and go back in to the lobby after re-entering the building, it loaded with the second fight in mind. I’m a bit confused as to whether it’s just unfinished or intended.

The fights are suppose to be a bit hard, yes. And it sounds like it’s bugged/not working properly. Iast sure I fixed it, but Iguess I didn’t. I’ll have to take a look at it(yes, I’m still working on this. But as always, progress is REALLY slow, as daily life takes up a lot of time)

Hello, I just started this game. I ended up going to the wind crystal first. Then encounter the big bad. Left the temple, went down the path, then the fat guard is in an endless loop. Is there any way to fix this?