The Last Cresani(formerly Lanna's Adventures)

ignore me. I just looked up and saw what happened.

Amazing game! This and Edypos are my absolute favorites.
Having said that, I’m dumb and bad at games. Can we get a side mission/secrets/easter egg checklist/walkthrough going?

I.E. Scarlet feeding Lanna the apples.
The Farmer and then the aftermath of the 3 girls (the breast gem for 1, but what about the others)?
Someone mentioned a bee quiz but I’ve no idea about that one.

Don’t mean to be pushy I just really love your style and want to enjoy the game to the fullest!

Thank you much for the kind words :3

Game’s been on hold for a bit. I was working on a shorter holiday game(that also didnt get finished in time). But I can save the holiday game for next year and resume work on the normal game. I’m glad you enjoy it lol

As for a walkthrough, I could possibly do one up. Or if someone else want’s to do one they can as well. The Breast Gem side quest is finishable, but also bugged I believe.

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Yeah, its bugged. When I did it I managed to complete it when I only had one of the gems. Also, brilliant game I can’t wait for more.

Do you plan to do anything else with the mom, because I loved the scene where she gains weight from the tree.

And now I’m diving in again because I forgot all about the syrup tree lol

I just got the girls back in shape and reported to the queen. Can someone please tell me what to do next?

I think you have to go to the tower behind the throne room.

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ok,thank you so much

More is gonna be planned for Rebecca, yes lol

Oh boy i’m waiting for the next update.

The update is still being worked on. Did some more work on it the other day. It’s a long process, but progress is still being made.


its alright man, take your time

I’m really confused about where myrile is at after talking with the queen.

How easy would it be for a third party to edit the text in the game (all of it, descriptions, dialog, etc.)?

I ran through this once and I’d like to again, but the bad English makes me cringe so hard…

horribly late, but there’s door’s on either side of the throne room leading to the Crystal Tower. I’ve made it a bit more obvious in the current patch, so people don’t get confused.

Yeah, my habit for typing to fast leads to some spelling mistakes. And I fully admit to not having the best grammar lol.

I’ll try to cut down on those mistakes, but there well likely still be a few showing up.

Yo. Just played through the game. I think I found most of the content, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what to do with this syrup.

There’ll be a use for the Syurp in the next update.


this game is pretty fun

Thank you very much :3

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