The Last Cresani(formerly Lanna's Adventures)

Hey! I enjoyed your game, it’s really good and has great scenes. I have a question about the end of the current update, the wiev of the bad ends isn’t working? cuz I got trough the first one and it’s just a black screen :frowning:

This game needs some more info in the OP, all it says there is the [tentative] name of the game, what I’d assume is the name of the main character and, uh, that’s it.
Is it an RPG Maker game? What kinks are in it? Is it a VN?

Edit: thanks.

I’m glad you liked it :3 And yeah, the bad end viewer I never got really working yet.

That’s a fair point. I shall update the info, so people can see it before actually downloading it.

Can anyone tell me where is the girl that i can use the breast gem on located?

At the first town I think, in one of the houses

is it possible to get to ambers cabin?

It is, yes. As far as I know, there weren’t any bug’s or anything preventing you from getting into it. It’s just a matter of finding it.

I would never have thought to look on my own. I kept wandering out of the castle and looking from there! If they actually specified this, it would make it a lot easier to play. I love a lot of features, it just frustrates me.

I had the same problem in the throne room; I had to quit (close the window and reopen it) several times. Apparently, you can walk around the cutscene trigger, but it’s kind of tough to do, since it’s invisible. I went all the way to the right and descended the stairs carefully as I could!

Oh it’s still being worked on. It’s just slow going. I was getting back into a good swing with it. But with all this Corna-Virus stuff on the go, I havne’t had as much time. I’m an essential Worker, so I haven’t had time off like a lot of people do, and been getting more hours at work.

But yes, it’s still being worked on.


I haven’t played it yet, but I will as soon as I figure out how to open a .rar file. Why is it always .rar?

You need to install WinRAR to open .rar files.

Take as much time as you need, and stay safe out there.

I’ve played through it, and I have to say that I’m really pleased. The world is as expansive as the characters, and the experience of exploring is very enjoyable and rewarding.
I hate to say anything negative at all about this game, and I mean only to be constructive in saying that there are a few flaws and glitches within the game.
There are many areas which are currently unfinished, though I imagine that many of them will be finished at some point in the future.
Re-entering certain areas, especially depending on the direction of travel, can often cause faulty dialog. In one extreme case, after defeating the first demon of the game (I hope that you can forgive that her name escapes me) and re-visiting her, if the player enters the area where they first spawned in-game and then goes back, the area will have reverted to an earlier state.
I cannot stress, however, exactly how incredible this game is to play. You’ve done a fantastic job.

i’m essential myself, and good to hear you still have a job.

Her name’s Cassandra (I have a close connection to someone irl with that name, that’s all I’ll say). It is kinda funny to see that glitch happen! It does revert if you move offscreen and return, though.

Damn, while i do wish for an update, i completely get you having to work then, thank you for doing so in this time (Don’t think we’ll ever meet, but know that someone at least is thankful for your risk)

Thank you for the kind words :3

Yeah, there are a few bug’s still in the game, unfortunally. When I think I have them all fixed, more pop up. Though the current version is pretty old at this point. In the next update, I’ve got the entire beginning of the game redone, so that bug shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Certinally trying my hardest to, thank you :3