The Nebutori's Tale

I uh… well I made a third thing
Here it is:
This game took… a long time to say the very least. Even with my understanding of coding to be a lot better than before I still wasn’t able to fully complete everything I wanted for this game. Sadly a combination of burnout, time constraints from real life, and sudden surprises render me unable to fully check everything in the game.
I will warn you this game may perhaps be large, one that may require saving for the time being as it does go through several areas and has a variety of things running so it will take some time to complete. Part of me really wanted to push Quest to its limits, so I tried doing just that. Do not worry, I will make an update to hopefully add a few items to move the player forward ahead in the game, just that I’m currently tired of looking through the different lines of code and trying to figure out what will work what won’t. Hopefully, there are no bugs, but then again I thought I removed every bug in my first game so I’m expecting quite a bit of clean-up to do.
Hopefully, everyone enjoys it and despite the trouble I had to make it, it was well worth it.

Ending Guide

Here are the endings to A Nebutori’s Tale, in which there are four main endings (one having many variations depending on what you did in the story). This will be a guide to getting each one, though each are just about at the end of the game, and with some spoilers, so be prepared.

Immobility Ending-
Requirements: Green Bracelet

The first of the endings that can be accessed immediately. It’s simple really, weigh over 965 pounds and take a shower. The easiest way to do this is by going to the mall and partaking in the jobs there for cash (while leaving you pretty full afterward). There is also a Bowl of Cookies in the kitchen, as well as picking the gluttony choices for each of the girls. This will take some time, as you have to go through the dream sequence each time you overstuffed yourself. To check on your progress, use the scales in your home, library, and mall to check how far you have gone. You’ll reach the ending when you break the bath seat.

Fattened Manami Endings-
Requirements:Pick the glutton choice for Manami

Early on you’ll have the choice to either save Manami or indulge with her. Indulging with her will lock her as a fatty, yet you still have to progress through the rest of the game (detailed in the Curse Broken Endings). Once you have beaten the curse find Manami in the kitchen, where the ending will play (depending on how heavy you are will lead to some detail differences, though you will still reach an ending.

Freedom Ending-
Requirements: Note, weigh over 600 pounds

This requires a bit of work, firstly you must weigh over 600 pounds (easy if you follow the steps partially in the Immobility Endings) but the other requires some effort. First, you must head to the mall and exit from the North Atrium until a Homeless Beggar will spawn. Give him some money and return the next day to repeat the process. When you give him more money (you need 10 dollars exactly) he will give you directions to a homeless camp where he lives (will also unlock the Forest Directions if you haven’t already).
Travel to the Forest Preserve and follow his directions until you reach the Worn Cement Structure. If you haven’t given the beggar money you will not be able to get inside, just warning you. Enter inside and head to the back of the structure to the Mayoral Suite, and speak to the Mayor. After speaking with her you’ll be given access to the Storage room (off to the left in the room) and read the Diary to receive the Note. Then once you have it and weigh over 600 pounds head to the dream world and head straight for the Wakingscape, and wait for a bit. After some time the Nebutori will appear, speak with her and you’ll be taken to the Dreamscape where a Contract will be located at. Once you read and sign the contract it will initiate the ending, where you’ll just have to speak with a girl after the scene to complete the ending.

Curse Broken Endings-
Requirements: The Name, Speak with the Green Haired Woman, choosing the other option for Manami.

This is a long one, requiring you to go through the entire game before you can finally reach it. After going through the first dream sequence you’ll have to find clues to the Nebutori (Yama) so firstly you must speak with your sister. After she rejects telling you then head to the mall and find the toy store (located on the second floor) and buy the General Grievous (5 dollars)and head back to the house. Speaking to her will give you the first clue to Yama while preventing her from falling into her gluttony (very important, if you choose the glutton route you will not get any of the endings here).
Next, you must find Grace’s location, head to the mall again, and head to the bar, where the bartender (Leaf) will give you a hint of the person who may know at a certain location (in this case the mall) look around the mall (second floor) and speak with the Dressed Woman, where she’ll give you the directions to Grace. Follow them and you finally meet with Grace, though like Manami she has her own weight problem. You can either go the glutton route or get her the new Fire Emblem game at the mall to get the next clue. If you pick the game route you will have to head to the mall and find the game store on the second floor, where you can either buy it (very expensive) or find the employee’s phone and bring it back to him (the phone is in the fountain but is waterlogged, so you must first head home and find the rice bag in the kitchen to help dry it before you can back and give it to him) where he’ll give you the game for free. Head back to Grace and give her the game.
Becky is next and like before seek out Leaf and try to find the Hockey Jersey Jock (Carl) and speak with him. Before he can grant you Becky’s location you will have to find his watch in the Forest Preserve. He’ll give you the directions (as well as revealing the Forest Directions) and you’ll head to the Forest Preserve. Follow the directions and look through the Litter at the River Side Beach to find the Watch. Take and bring it back to Carl and he’ll give you directions to Becky. Follow them and you’ll reach the hotel, and find the Occupied Door. After knocking on it, head to the Hotel Courtyard and listen through the Covered WIndow and once again head to the mall and go to the Lingerie Store on the second floor. After picking delivery head back to the hotel and knock on the Occupied door again, finally giving you access to Becky. After learning her clue you have the choice to either get in bed with her or not, no matter you will leave the hotel all the same.
Lastly is Kylie, once again speak with Leaf and this time head to the Library (if you haven’t yet, speak with the Green Haired Woman, you will need to in order to find where to end the curse) to find an Old Lady there. Speak with her to learn Kylie’s location and head to Wicker Street. After getting accosted by Kylie’s mother head to the mall and buy the Weight Gain Powder (20 dollars) and head back to Kylie’s home. Speak to Kylie’s mother and you’ll be given access to Kylie, where after learning what she knows you can either indulge with her or leave her be with her mother, and now you have all the clues.
Leaf will give you the next hint, though next you will head to the Library and buy the Languages of the World book (15 dollars) and read it at the Solitary Desk. Once you have obtained the Name (as well as speaking the Green Haired Woman) head to the Forest Preserve and follow the directions to the landmark, where a short climb to the summit will lead you to the apex. Pick up the obsidian stone and enter the cave. After Reaching the ritual room begin the ritual and you will then be sent home. Once you regain control find Manami in the house (either the living room or Large living room) and you will then be sent to the mall, where you will meet up with Manami in the bar, and after you leave you’ll reach the ending of the game.
Depending on your choices Grace, Becky, and Kylie will either be present as well or will not be there. There is also some minor content if you find someone else in the mall but it’s not fully done yet.

I hope I detailed everything properly, a bit hectic while writing this. Hopefully, this makes things easier for you in hunting endings.


Just wow.

The amount of detail you put into this game goes past anything I could have hoped for in a text adventure. This is genuinely amazing work.

My one issue however is at the mall scene. Moving too far in any direction sends me back to the south parking lot and the car becomes missing, so I haven’t been able to progress beyond the second day.

Hoping this is an easy fix though, because hot damn I’d love to keep playing.


Hi, I’ve encountered a few bugs so far.

  • After getting the bracelet then driving to somewhere like the mall or forest, leaving the parking lot will cause the car to move back to the garage, stranding you.

  • Several variables are referenced that were never created are referenced, causing errors. These include the directions that Carl gives you not being “Directions to Becky Latterman” a check when buying the lego being Kyoukocash instead of, and “Two dimes” instead of “Two Dimes”,

  • Several option checks refer to a “Result” variable that gives an error, I’m not sure how to resolve yet, if that should refer to the “Yesno” variable or not, if it’s a capitalization thing, I’ll test more later.


one small glitch to report, when you get to the mall for the first time and use the mobile scooter it gives you the response as if you were both skinny and fat, it also seems to raise your weight level. Also how do you play quest games that you’ve downloaded?

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Not sure if I’m the only one having this bug, but after finding out who the girl in red was from the second day, i couldn’t figure out a way to leave since in the parking lot the option to ride my car was not available nor did it appear as an option at all.
So I just kept making the character eat until reaching the limit to go home, and after feeding the green heart and going north, I found myself in a place where I could not go anywhere at all, there was no option to go certain place and there were no objects to interact with like the door from the first dream.
Also another issue I had, if I pressed “speak” to the girls in read it would appear as an error, the same happened when trying to buy the powder or toy, and also with the option of asking something to the Nebutori it would mark it as an error, not sure if this is a error only happening to me
But aside from this issues I have found, this text adventure seems very promising, hope you keep it up

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After gettin the bracelet it doesnt let me pick other options or do anything also i cant seem be able to adance with the red girl thing and it just types error coding match result

i may be blind, but i cant figure out how to wake manami up. i know i have to give the delivery to her but ive checked every option and nothing works.

You have to type in, “give food delivery pizza to manami” or something along the line.

ah that worked. thanks

The toy bug is a typo. You can fix it by editing your save (this is fairly trivial for quest games).

I seem to be stuck in “A The Deepscape”. After I’ve feed the green heart several times and try to go North it says there’s a 2 on the side and 1 required. However, if I feed it once more these numbers become -3 and one.

If it reaches negative numbers, just feed it again until you have a 1 and then you can now pass

How do you edit the files?

It is impossible to leave the food court after day 1. I have no idea why, but as soon as you leave the mall parking lot, the smart car disappears.

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There is a vulnerability in quest game saves where it exposes basically all the code for a game. Opening the save with a text editor like notepad++ therefore lets you mess with values in various ways, most of which will break your game. It’s an easy fix so if you don’t know what you’re doing I suggest waiting for an update.


I can’t seem to buy anything? I keep getting an error:

Oh boy, okay let me try and find all of these bugs.

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yep, that’s the typo. Should be (identifying whose cash it is, rather than inventing a new cryptocurrency!)

Okay, I fixed the issue, directions to Becky, and the two dimes.

Gandulf: The Mall was designed that way, leaving it would just place you back in the parking lot, the lot surrounds the whole mall. Although I’m not sure what is causing the car to disappear, did anything else occur when that happened?

Toom: Is this happening to any other parking lot or just the mall and forest? Also did anything occur after you left the vehicle alone? Meanwhile, I wasn’t able to check the “Result” issue for each (only Manami due to time constraints), but if I had to assume Manami maybe the odd one out. I’ve set hers the same with the rest so hopefully that works.

Ayurn: Uh… not sure how the mobile scooter is raising your weight level. When are you grabbing the scooter? I don’t know how to play Quest games when they are downloaded, but I think you may need something that can read the file to have it work (I’ll check the forums for an answer).

Octop: I’m still unsure how the vehicle is disappearing, but there shouldn’t be a way for the cloudy door to vanish, and I coded nothing for the morning door being removed too. Still unsure about these errors, I really need to have quite a bit of time alone to see every interaction.

I will say there are a few things concerning me, like the vehicle vanishing into thin air. Currently, only a few things would cause that and yet this is doing it at random intervals (considering that people have reached Carl and the Weight gain powder they must not have had the issue occur, I need to figure out why).
Thank you for enjoying it, despite the flaws that are still in place.


Looks like something else broke, I trying to either say Yes or No to Manami:

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