The Pokemon Village [Text Adventure WG game] (lp: finished)


I decided to announce that I’m working on a new project - The Pokemon Village.
It’s a text adventure game set in the Pokemon universe.
Your main goal is to stop a tribe with your Zeraora friend, Roy.

Currently, the game is finished, but here are some avalaible features:

  • You can choose your own Pokemon type
  • Two available endings (so far)
  • A couple choices
  • Fullness and weight “system”
  • Easter eggs

FAQ HERE: TPVfaq.pdf (125.9 KB)
DOWNLOAD: Download

Suggestions of Pokemon to choose from, suggestions about the story or the game or maybe suggestions about the easter eggs are very welcome! (closed)

CURRENT POKEMON TO CHOOSE: Lopunny, Charizard, All Eeveelutions, Eevee, Zoroark, Gardevoir, Torracat, Braixen, Blaziken, Greninja, Torracat, Lucario, Latias, Snivy, Zangoose, Sandslash, Treecko, Zeraora, Skuntank, Stunky, Primarina, Shaymin, Lycanroc, All Lycanroc forms, Lilligant, Pikachu, Buizel, Wartotle, Totodile

update [2019-05-04]: 2k words (9,5k characters), 15% done
update [2019-05-09]: 2,8k words (17k characters), 23% done
update [2019-05-21]: jungle chapter is done!! starting the temple part
update [2019-06-08]: story is coming to an end. Visuals are yet to be added
update [2019-06-23]: I took a little break due to lack of inspiration. Anyway, I’ve added backgrounds and worked on the UI a bit. Still need to finish the story!
update [2019-06-27]: The game’s finished. Still needs a lot of polishing, but I’ll talk about it in the main post


For Pokémon I say to add are Latias and Eevee being able to evolve into its various evolutions would be nice as well and have the choice of not doing it

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I’ve already added a choice of Eevee, as well as seperate Eeveelutions. I think I’ll update my post and write down what’s already in!

Good idea would make people not suggest the same Pokémon over and over again thinking it wasn’t in

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I’d suggest adding a Snivy, but I’m fine with basically every Pokemon in that list anyway.

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I would love to see a Sandslash or Sandshrew in the game, but I fear that if you encorage people to suggest their favourite pokemon, you’re going to be inundated with each and every single pokemon that exists.

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Haha, that’s perfectly fine. I want everyone to enjoy my game, so I’ll gladly add things someone asked for

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So many good pokemon I’d love to see, but I’ll pick one. Treecko.

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Alot of fun choices here, but I had to choose it’d be Gardevoir.

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If we’re suggestion Pokémon to add, then I choose you! Zeraora! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

May you add Stunky and Skuntank in to the game? Those are my favorite Pokémon, so I would feel better if they were in the game. If both are not possible, can you add just Skuntank then? Thanks.

First off good luck on this project of yours.
As for Pokemon I’d like to see added as choices, I’d want Primarina, Shaymin, Lycanroc (all three forms: Midday, Midnight, and Dusk), and Deerling.

I feel like Lilligant would be a cool addition to this project.

Ignore my profile pic.

What is your favorite thing about making this game?

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Scattering easter eggs and references across the game is pretty fun! I like Pokemon universe in general so adding little details like typing Arceus instead of God was enjoyable.

Besides that, it’s my first text-game project. I’ve discovered that I kinda like writing stories, so I can enjoy development instead of pushing it. I hope it’s not too amateur tho! (Everyone’s always welcome to suggest ideas or plot points, wink wink)


Okay. What do you have in the game at this moment?

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At this point, there’s an alright working stats tabel (super simple though), gender and species system (still adding more pokemon). The intro and the first act of the story is complete and I managed to make some fairly decent alternative paths.

Interesting. What plans do you have for the game? I can’t wait to play as the game. I also assume you get to chose which species you play as?

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I’m hoping to make a lil bit something more than a normal fetish text adventure. I’ll add more lore, backgrounds, better UI, and maybe even music. Some things might not make it into the final version, but I’ll try to finish the game in the next months.
And yes, you’ll be able to choose your own species (which will be displayed in the stats tabel)

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Thanks! Any other thoughts you want to tell me? I hope you can continue this!

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