The Queen's Ambition v1.4

So here’s my entry.
The game is beatable but it might be on the trickier side. Balancing is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the game!

The Crystal of Power. Something so powerful that it has thrust the continent of Volnia into constant war. Deciding that the war needed to stop, the Queen’s gathered and opted to break the crystal into pieces and end the endless war.

However, after receiving intel that the other two had gotten their hands on additional fragments, Liliana decides to create minions to serve her purpose and gather all the fragments of the Crystal for herself.

Queen’s Ambition v1.4

Also note, you will die. A LOT. But they’re just minions. Can always make some more and continue on. Happy fragment hunting!



  • Fixed Pathing issue with Rosa that caused the game to freeze completely.
  • Fixed issue when trying to buy upgrades and Liliana’s picture wouldn’t disappear.


  • Fixed yet another pathing issue with Rosa
  • Favour will now carry over into a new game +


  • Enemies have been nerfed significantly. Won’t need to grind as hard to beat them
  • Minions have a new look and will reflect their class choice.
  • Steal Item has been changed to have a much higher chance. Also allows the user
    to choose the item to be stolen (show’s the chance too)
  • Purify is now 100% chance to remove ailments. Purify 2 has added healing.
  • Mana Costs added to the Warriors’ and Monks’ moves.
  • Moves altered to deal less overall damage (Earthquake from the Earth Spirits)
  • Chakra now restores less HP and MP overall.
  • Rosa shouldn’t glitch out at all now and prevent progress
  • Image issues where issues wouldn’t load because of a formatting error.
  • Spelling corrections
  • Favour is generated differently and will scale much faster based on how many fragments you have
  • Game Over count now actually carries over as it was meant to.


  • Fixed a bug where an enemy would spawn inside a wall
  • Fixed a bug where the vines wouldn’t disappear after beating the 2nd crypt boss
  • Reduced the overall HP of enemies significantly to make going through the game easier.

so if we die a lot.
is death tied to the wildcard…?

Liliana blanks the left side of the screen and never leaves.

then threaten her so she leaves

It’s progress through failure and new game+
Each time you die, you make new minions, gets some items and continue on. All progress is saved, so just go in gun’s blazing.

Hmm… What did you do just before that? Must be an event I didn’t add the erase picture function to. (If you find another event that gets her picture, it should remove it)


It seems like trying to attack Rosa’s kingdom soft locks the game making it just the two queens’ portraits stuck on the screen. The issue doesn’t seem to happen against Muriel

Hmm… I tested that too and didn’t test Muriel’s… How odd… Probably a dumb pathing issue.

Okay, should be all good now. Also fixed that picture issue from above. Removed a bunch of unused pictures to hopefully reduce the overall file size as well.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but while it doesn’t lock before the fight with Rosa now, it does lock immediately after when she tries to re-enter the castle and gets stuck.


Ok, I just replayed the beginning of the game.
Right after creating minions, I tried to Improve Castle and she stay after the old man said that I have no favour.

Favour is gold. So if you have no gold, you have no favour. Ohhhh did you mean it didn’t carry over in a New Game+?

Damn Rosa, learn to use a door.

Yeah, looks like Favor is wiped out on NG+. Not sure if this was intended or not.

That is not. It’s meant to carry over otherwise the grind is wayyyy too hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, so Rosa needs to be fixed, and the gold issue.

Anything else before I upload v1.2?


Awesome game! Love all the classes to choose from. My feedback: are you supposed to be able to save in dungeon? After selecting the file the save option was greyed out, so I wasn’t able to save when I needed to. I’d only cleared the first dungeon boss, so nbd restarting, but wanted to see if this was a bug.

I believe you can only save between dungeon runs when you’re back in the castle as the queen. Be a bit to easy to save scum inside the dungeon otherwise.

It does make it a bit challenging if you have to quit out of the game mid-run or something, but I don’t think the engine has anything like a temporary save mechanic that would auto delete once it is loaded.

Nope it’s intentional. Saving is disabled in the dungeon. There’s another reason, since reloading while in the dungeon will respawn all the monsters, which could lead you to being stuck on top of a monster and freeze the game.

The idea is to just keep going until you die. Respawn in the castle and go again.

If there’s time, I might make a mock-up run-away spell that penalises you for using it.

Also, v1.2 is up. Fixes the issue with Rosa (hopefully) and allows Gold to actually carry over this time.


I’ve played a bit and i do like it however there is a change that I think should be considered essential, make purify guaranteed, I’ve wasted 100 mp trying to cleanse poison, which is very devastating early game, personally with rogue likes I think that and RNG should be removed from the combat, if you get unlucky with your enemies then you can at least try and brute force the encounter, but losing cause you couldn’t cleanse a debuff cause of bad luck is a very frustrating way to die


Well, this feels familiar: got a thin Liliana image popping up. When trying to visit the summoning chamber while she is at stage 2 size, it shows her stage 1 form instead.

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That’s a good call actually. I’ll make it 100% and make Purify 2 better again.

Ah I think it’s still using just the old “Show Picture” command rather than the dynamic one I made. Easy fix at least.

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Also, does item steal have a set 50% on every enemy? Cause if so then I lost 5 50/50’s in a row.

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Nope. It’s far more random than that. It’s a 50% chance to steal an item that may have 10% on it.
It’s quite hard to steal. The numbers i used for it were verrrrrrrry rough and will be tweaked considerably I think before the due date.