The SnackRooms

Hey Guys! It’s not my project, but I spotted something on Twitter that I think people enjoy; it’s called “The SnackRooms”, which is pretty evident in inspiration. Here is the creator, the link to the game and the direct download link; I hope everyone enjoys what I found:



fun little game, i do hope one day the chap who made this will create a full game using this engine of theirs it’s so good!

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The creator, Blobygon, has a Patreon and does plan on making a full game using that engine


Assuming if you’re too fat for the bridge (if there’s any other way to get through without eating a ton of burg), then you’re stuck?

Im stuck on the first part, I cant seem to pick up the burger to eat it, does anyone know why I cant click drag it?

You have to be pretty close to it, from what I can tell.

did someone manage to find how to get in this room, or is it just for decoration if you explore a bit?

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I suspect its just creepy decoration lol

The signs indicate the shape of the blob you become—the ending scenes are otherwise identical. If you eat before you walk the plank, it breaks and you plunge into infinite burger pit. If it doesn’t, you make it home… :smiling_imp:


This is by far the greatest game, in my opinion, of this year, it has multiple endings (8 in total), different toggles for the things you enjoy and a nice design for the character (Loved each body shape, especially the starting one before you get too “plump”). To be honest, if this wasn’t just a proof of concept for testing the engine blobygon created, i would love watching this game receive an update; like a new game+ where you remain as fat as you were before walking over the wooden plank but come back to the start of the game, now facing the challenge of becoming even fatter and trying to squeeze through each previous segment, with your body getting too chunky to fit without issue through most doorframes.


She should have stuck to the almond diet.
That’s the only safe thing in the backrooms, the creator’s obsession with almonds.

From what I remember blobygon saying the character in questoion won’t be able to get any fatter than the maximum size you can get in this demo


Wait how exactly? I took the one with the arrow pointing up thinking perhaps the creator had a giantess fetish or something and I don’t see what that had to do with what my character ended up as

But that’s what i mean, it’s a demo. It can still be included in the actual final version of the game, although i don’t blame them if they don’t want to invest time on that, since i’ve seen their other works and it shows a lot more content that might be included in the final product.

Such as Soda and Valentines

I thought that too, but it’s that the up arrow will turn the character into a more vertical fatty in comparison to a more wide spread blob

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Love this, are there any other games like this one? possibly by the same creator?

If someone could let the OP know, google drive is being google drive again. The work is too popular for this kind of traffic.

Can it be played on Android?

They’ve shared their other games on twitter, but they’re all shorter demo pieces than this game is