The SnackRooms

You gotta find both secrets before reaching the board, AND not eat the burgers offered there.
That’s how it worked for me. Pain in the ass because of the wonky tank controls, inertial momentum constantly carrying her forward when I stopped, and she kept steering towards the right, for some reason, but this did work for me.


you mean the meme donald and the blob by the pit?

if so then I’ll try that and that is actually helpful!

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Unfortunately not, on my first playthrough all I did was eat all the burgers up to that point then ignore the last table. The alternate ending isn’t a massive change at least, but it’s a cool little addition I guess

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Yup, those exactly! Hope it helps!

Weird. I didn’t bother finding either of the secrets, yet all I had to do was skip the congrats burgers to make my way across.

Was half expecting Evil Ronald McDonald to kick the board out from under me, to be honest.


Would like to see this game with a slower progression and one where you can build up to the immobile stages. Basically more exploring finding burgers and stuff and not having a good chunk of weight stages being instantly skipped at the end.


The creator has confirmed that they’re working on the stages between skinny to immobile. They’ve added more stages since this dropped, but there’s still a big jump to blob.


Is it the same download link?

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Couldn’t tell you. I support Blobygon on Patreon, and have always downloaded the current version from there.

doesn’t seem to be, might need to wait a bit, probably the updates are patreon exclusive


Hey are you going to gameplay on your Venmo chanel

I’m not sadly since I tried recording and the game would crash due to optimisation issues.
The game is pretty good though and I recommend checking it out :slight_smile:

yeah I could understand that my PC is pretty bad to

i hope he makes the new updates accesable for everyone… i wont be pushing him for it cause why would i

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arguably one of the best games to have existed until now in this community, so sad we haven’t received anything new as of recent in terms of free games


Just got access to the latest version on blobygon’s patreon, gonna upload images of gameplay so you guys can get an idea of what he’s making


Looks like a new character and location

Have you gotten permission from Blobygon to post these?

The content is behind a paywall right now, is it not?


i hope eventually they make it free… mainly cause i dont want to go trough the trouble that is patreon

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i mean it is patreon, i own access to the files and last i check i don’t need an nda and or signed petition/contract in order to post about the game i have access to

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