The Tale of Ebony Floe - Inflation based 3D platformer

I realize that this is more of an inflation based project, but I was convinced that it was worthwhile to share here.

Link to the itchio page of the game: The Tale of Ebony Floe Preview Demo Version 3 by Puff-Knight
I highly recommend reading through the readme file in the game’s main folder before before playing.

This is The Tale of Ebony Floe, 3D platformer about a young historical writer afflicted with a strange curse that makes her blow up like a balloon every once in a while. Follow her on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to continue living her life with this curse, jumping (and sometimes bouncing) her way through it all!

EDIT: Finally got a chance to update this properly: V3.1.0 is now publicly available! The complete changelog and updated gameplay footage is on the main page, but the general changes since 3.0.1 are: a more mario-like momentum-based moveset for skinny and all inflations, updated model with improved fancy shaders for tum squish against the clothes, and a new gameplay centered around a score attack system in order to tokens to use to make money in a new writing menu.

I’d still be very happy to hear any feedback on the game’s overall trajectory and design after this new milestone! ^^


it’s really nice. and the models look good. i hope to see more in the future.


Inflation is fine here.
IIRC basically anything’s allowed, as long as it’s legal.

I have a 110k word furry inflation game, so if that’s allowed, anything goes, heh.


I know, hehe ^^
I just wanted to preface with that since there aren’t too many projects that I’ve seen here that have inflation even as a side thing, let alone as an exclusive focus like my game here.

yaay more non weight gain!

(I get that it’s weight gaming, but I have more than one thing)


I know one guy that makes pixel inflation games that are really hard but fun to play

I was pleasantly surprised by this. It’s far from complete, but it’s excellent for an initial demo/proof of concept.

I look forward to seeing how this game turns out.

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Oooh, could you direct me to them? I’d love to check out what they’ve done ^^

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I’m very glad you’re enjoying it even at its very early stages ^^

Hopefully it wont be too long until the next iteration of it comes to fruition.

1 Like if you want to see the different inflation without paying for the games I did all of his inflation games on my channel so you can see them first before if you want to try it out your self.

She’s very pretty; a good start. I’m going to wait a while, see what happens at the end, though. I’m just the sort that doesn’t like to play something before the whole thing is done, but my patience for creation is infinite. As long as you need, take. I’ll be waiting with…bated breath.

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Ohhh, I’ve seen his stuff before~ His games are pretty neat ^^

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That’s understandable

I don’t know how long it will take to create a fully finished version of the game, tho, since I do have fairly big plans for it ^^;

Though I will of course be making more demos that will hopefully be more complete than the last

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well the food you eat sometimes can enhance the chance to grow

Ah, funnily enough, I didn’t about the fact that I really did make a strong connection between food and inflation in this game, so now that you mention it, it certainly makes this game even more fitting here than I thought ^^

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Game plays pretty alright. Though if I have one beef its the fact that the speedrunning races seem to be impossible to complete. The timer is simply too short. The game also of course needs a map.

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Thanks for the feedback! I am looking into making the speedrunning race more intelligent in the way it chooses the route so that it can make a course of a desired distance instead of it being completely random. I am also looking into adding a map as well.

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I’ve had this old game downloaded for a few months now and still play it once in awhile. I do have a suggestion:

instead of having the butt inflation do nothing, you could make it so if your butt is inflated and you get knocked back by the belly or boob effect that landing on your butt makes you bounce off of it potentially bouncing you backwards. (Like the continued velocity with the belly + dive combo)

Hope to see more from you soon!


I’m very glad you’re enjoying it so!

I have been trying to postulate different mechanics for the butt, so I will certainly consider this~ Though I think I’m more leaning toward making the butt make the jump go higher