The Trials of Mass - A WG/Expansion text adventure

After way too much time working on it, I am finally ready to release a text adventure that I’ve been working on! I am insanely nervous since I’ve never made anything but I’m proud to present: The Trials of Mass.

This started as a small idea inspired by FDEAA (Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences) but quickly turned into something a lot more creative and deeper that I had a lot of fun writing. At some point, I put more into the personality of the game world(you can really chat up those NPCs) than I did the fetish, but I still think there’s enough content to satisfy.

If you encounter any bugs, please let me know! I already worked on this for a while and don’t mind reopening the file to fix issues.

Known Issues:
Basin not continuing event
Repeatable events that can break the game a little (Breast)
Collection of the same quest item multiple times

File has been re-uploaded to lock some doors and fix some events. On Itch!


just a quick question before give it a try to the game and be honest… it is safe to install the “quest” file?

WHOA! Love myself some good text adventure.
Is this the final product or do you wish to add more?

The quest file itself is something you would just run once you have Quest (the engine itself) installed. It is safe to install though.

For the time being, it is. Aside from a few extra dialogue ideas, I think if I ever get around to learning how to draw, I’ll add actual art but that’s a long way off.

Trying to figure out how to solve the basin, I put all three milks in and nothing’s happening?

Using the basin should trigger the event

It’s not, I may be worried I goofed it up by trying it multiple times.

Alright, I just closed it, let me open it back up lol

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It might honestly be some Quest engine silliness because I did the same order and it worked. And I’m glad you said something because I just noticed that this door is unlocked when it should be locked.

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very fun little puzzle romp :smiley:
I’d personally love a way to go heavy on one stat or another instead of huge everywhere, but this is quite well written all the same.~


Having the same issue. Any idea what to do to fix it??

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Like above, I’m not sure how exactly this is happening. Since I’m using the milks in the same order as Parnash and it works just fine for me. I’ll test it and try to figure out why it happens in the morning

This is rather fun so far, though I’ve found one issue: You can do the milk basin before messing with the cowgirls, so your boobs can go up to K cup from the milk then get cut to Gs as a result of massaging the moos.
And if you put the amulet on after either of these things, it shrinks you down to DD…
You can talk to the cowgirls again and redo the massages to pop back up to G cup, but then your boobs just don’t appear in the character inspection. It’s additionally possible to recollect the milks, but not to use the basin twice.


So I completed all three trials and have all three Reliefs… what am I missing? I can’t leave…

Use them on the wall next oasis


Although I prefer weight gain, unlike the rest of the fetishes in the game, it was pretty interesting and fun. The mini-games and riddles are quite funny, the scenery is also not bad. However, my inner nerd keep asking why someone (like our friend) leaves with only one increased trait, someone is pregnant, and Rey has everything together, if everyone’s door is the same, and it doesn’t look like you can get pregnant somewhere. Once again, it is just a thought.

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Thanks for pointing that out lol, there’s a good few things that eluded me when I was going through. I’ll go back through and make sure that you can’t just redo events like that since it throws everything out of wack if you do

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I did try to point it out at the start but the trials are not the exact same for everyone, hence why there’s a standout case of someone leaving pregnant.

I did the same with the one trait thing because in my head, there may have been a number of reasons previous takers wanted to stop midway through and leave. So they were allowed to. Rhea’s just stubborn and all too interested in the trial as well as the people in Nola’s service.


Yeah I had the same issues with being able to do things out of order, but I still had an amazing time. Great work, especially for a first game. Hopefully we’ll see more. I particularly like how well written it is, since sometimes these games can just feel like they were cobbled together while you rush to the end. Here I liked taking the time to read what happened and get to know the characters.