The Twine Thing

Here’s a thing I’ve been making in Twine, while it lacks many a feature I still update it, so be sure to keep checking this itch link every now and again.
You play as the narratively-convenient owner of a easily-fattened-up human being, who is constantly berated by a sarcastic narrator (myself, if it suits you) for being a fatass, and now you can name them!
you can make them eat, sleep, bathe, get fatter, stuff themself, everything one could dream doing in their own house because this twine game is COVID compliant (and totally not because im lazy, definitely)



What kind of game is it?
What does it entail?
Is it text or rpg or visual novel?

More curious than anything

Could you give us any information about the game prior to downloading it?

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It’s a Twine thing where you kinda do things to get fatter or something, but the thing is riddled with errors in its current state.

yeah i forgot about those bugs, i’ll be fixing them soon, funny story though apparently Twine didnt save my debugged version, so this is before i fixed it up

Just a reminder:
if you upload the game to Itch, people can play it online without having to download anything.

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not a bad idea i suppose

Played a bit. :+1:
Needs more everything, but it’s still a fun toy to mess with.

Just updated, should have a little more, i appreciate that you enjoy it, soon enough it should have some real meat to it, but until then i’m gonna continue paying my chimp to write the code for everything

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please give us like a crumb of description. Male or female? Weight gain, stuffing, or just being fat? Goal of the game? anything?

I mean it’s ambiguous but i wrote it more like female, and it’s all of the above, to an extent

The bedroom is an inescapable sloth dimension where all you can do is sleep and ogle yourself in the mirror.


got it fixed, now you can eat as much as you ogle

This was quite satisfying for such a simple game. Have you done any new projects since this?

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@cubicp1ssr has made Blobgistics since this. Blobgistics: Sci-Fi Fattasy Text Adventure.

yeah what Krodmandoon said, ive been working on Blobgistics since, glad you enjoyed!

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