The Weight Gain Trading Card Game! - WIP, needs name

Hey all! Muffin here, the guy behind such classics as a WIP twine story and a visual novel that has yet to reveal an update to the public lol. Regardless, I wanted to offer a pitch for another idea I’ve been working on. While there’s no small shortage of trading card game pitches on WeightGaming, being a lifelong fanboy for all things TCG, I wanted to give my best shot at developing a card game for THIS community, and I’m proud of the concept I’ve come up with.

I’m just going to copy and paste a large block of text from the “design doc” that functions as a VERY early manual for learning how to play the game. There aren’t any cards yet because I lack any art talent lol, and I will have to work on finding a program to make the game digital, because the likelihood of a physical release is unlikely, as awesome as that would be for me personally. In short, this is my psychotic ramblings of how to play the game. If you have ANY questions or any interest, or would like to offer help, please let me know! Contact me here or you can join my discord.

EDIT: Here’s a VERY rough mockup of the card’s designs lol I slapped it together quickly to get the general idea across


Types of Monsters:
Flavors – Types of food the monsters like, functions as an Attribute/Element/Type (Pokémon)

  1. Sweets
  • A fast, low level-high stats playstyle all about speed, value, and combos, but some cards have some elements of control through the mostly exclusive Freeze keyword
  1. Fruits & Veggies
  • Like Wood/Druid/Grass in other games, a slower playstyle with lots of HP restoration and protection, and control effects.
  1. Meats
  • Reminiscent of Fire, an aggressive playstyle with high-risk high reward offense, high ATK, and burn damage
  1. Snacks
  • A reliable mid-range playstyle with a somewhat neutral theming.
  1. Drinks
  • Based on Water in other games, a slower playstyle about amassing resources and making late game swings but has some midrange elements and aggressive elements to it.

Faction – What is it? Functions as a Race, Type (Yugioh), etc. I’ve also included some sub-categories that are optionally on some monsters, if I believe they’ll be common enough, such as mermaids within the Fae faction or Ghosts/Spirits within the Undead Faction

  1. Human
  2. Machine
  • Cyborg
  • AI
  • Robot
  1. Undead
  • Ghost
  • Zombie
  1. Fae & Demi-Humans
  • Elf
  • Orc
  • Fairy
  • Centaur
  • Harpy
  • Mermaid/Mer-people
  1. Demon
  2. Divine
  • Angel
  • Goddess
  1. Slime
  2. Animal Girl/Demi-Human (Just the ears and tail)
  3. Anthro/Furry
  4. Elemental
  5. Object
  6. Alien
    Power Levels of Monsters:
  • Grunt monsters can be played at up to 3 copies in a deck, unless otherwise stated, and will not have evolutions
  • Boss monsters can be played at only 1 copy per deck, unless otherwise stated, and will have 1 or more evolutions
    Goal of the Game:
    The goal of the game is to, using your monster (placeholder tern)’s Attack points to wipe out your opponent’s Hit Points (HP.)
    Setting Up:
    Each player requires a deck of 40-60 cards, consisting of monsters, food, and spells. At the start of the game, players shuffle their decks well before the game can begin. Players flip a coin to determine who goes first. At the start of the game, both players draw 5 cards from their deck.
    Phases of Play:
    At the start of every turn, except the first player’s first turn, the turn player draws 1 card. The turn player can play as many Food cards as they want from their hand into their Food Zone. Then, players can summon a monster from their hand by equipping Food from their Food Zone equal to the monster’s Hunger Level. Monsters can be summoned in Attack Mode or Defense Mode. Attack Mode monsters can attack, Defense Mode monsters cannot. You take Battle Damage from Attack Position monsters destroyed by battle, but not from your destroyed Defense Mode monsters. Monsters of equal Attack battling are both destroyed if they are in Attack Mode, but if either is in Defense Mode, neither monster is destroyed. Monsters on the turn they are summoned CAN declare an attack unless it is the first turn of the game. Monsters can also activate effects, though it may require additional costs such as discarding a card, detaching food, or equipping more food. If a monster you control was NOT summoned this turn, you can summon that monster’s evolution from your evolution deck, if you have an evolution for it in your ED, by equipping Food from your FZ until the base monster has food equipped to it equal to the HL of the evolution monster. You can freely attach food to monsters as much as you like, but you cannot detach food unless it is by a card effect. Detached food is placed at the bottom of your deck. Food is only sent to the Junkyard if it is destroyed while in your FZ, discarded from your hand, or if sent directly there via a card effect. Players can end their turn at any time.

Types of Spells:
Spells are cast by exhausting, rendering unusable until the end of this turn, food in your Food Zone equal to the number listed on the Spell as its Hunger Level
Normal Spells

  • Cast directly from the hand by exhausting the necessary Food, only on your turn, for an active effect that will USUALLY resolve instantly or by the end of the turn.
    Continuous spells
  • Cast directly from the hand, but may not immediately activate, remain on field for you to trigger its effects throughout the game (unless destroyed)
    Counter Spells
  • Set face-down in your Spell Zone, triggered by vague or specific stimuli, such as when your opponent declares an attack or whenever a monster you control would be destroyed, and allows you to activate effects in response – even on your opponent’s turn, you exhaust the food cost upon activation, not upon setting. CANNOT be activated without paying food cost.
    Instant Spells
  • Can be activated directly from the hand during either player’s turn by exhausting the right number of food, often weaker or higher priced than Normal Spells and Counter Spells
    Tool Spells
  • Equipped directly onto monsters by exhausting the appropriate food, give continuous passive or active effects to monsters. If a monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, all Tool spells equipped are also destroyed, unless specified otherwise.
    Arena Spells
  • Continuous effect Spells that affect both players, generally passively, as the terrain or field for the battle. There can only be one Arena Spell on the field at a time.
    Notable Keywords:
  • Summon: Playing a monster onto the field
  • Exhaust: Renders food unusable as a resource until the end of the turn
  • Destroy: Sends the card to the Junkyard
  • Bounce: Returns the card to its original controller’s hand
  • Untargetable: This card cannot be targeted by card effects
  • Indestructible: This card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects
  • Double-Faction: This monster is treated as a member of 2 Factions
  • Double-Flavor: This monster is treated as a member of 2 Flavors
  • Taunting: Monsters your opponent controls MUST target this monster for attacks
  • Piercing Damage: Damage inflicted against a Defense Mode monster by the difference between the Attacking monster’s Attack and the Defending monster’s Defense
  • Negate: Stops/cancels the effect(s) of a card
  • Warp: Sends the card(s) to the Void Zone
  • Void Zone: Cards removed from play, not in play on the field, hand, Junkyard, deck, etc., and are generally harder to interact with.
  • Hunger Level: The cost, in food, of a card or card effect
  • Weight Level: The level of evolutions a monster has gone through
    Status Conditions (Keywords Cont.):
  • Frozen: Prevents the monster from attacking or activating effects until the end of its controller’s next turn
  • Stunned: Prevents the monster from attacking until the end of its controller’s next turn, but it can still activate effects
  • Negated: The monster cannot activate its effects, but it can attack
  • Poisonous: Poisonous monsters destroy the monsters they battle with after damage calculation, even if the target is immune to battle destruction, but not immune to effect destruction
  • Aggressive: Aggressive monsters cannot be summoned in Defense Mode
  • Defensive: Defensive monsters cannot be summoned in Attack Mode


Thanks for taking the time to check this project out! It’s very early on right now, if you hadn’t noticed, mostly conceptual. Some things are subject to change. The gender of monsters will most likely be women, but I’m more than willing to accommodate if there is interest in other genders.


This sounds so cool but is also sounds very complicated

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If your looking for something to help you make a card game. Dulst is pretty good. You can make it only, mostly you would just need the art and the rest is taken care of.
I’m not sure how in depth it goes, but I love card games and would love to see something come from this.

its a bit complicated, yes, I wanted to try to make the weight gain and food themes important to gameplay, which is usually not something I go for lol.

I think I tried that program? It’s interesting, but a bit difficult to make any mechanics that aren’t ingrained into the program already.

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Ah, in that case, I think Unity has a template. But that does require knowledge in C#

I have pretty below-basic knowledge, so I will need to study up - and probably recieve help

This might be a little over-complicated. It’s basically a mish-mosh of Yugioh, Magic: the Gathering, and Hearthstone, and it might suffer a (diluted) mix of all the problems of those games. Also, your example card has a subtype you didn’t list. :stuck_out_tongue:

With that out of the way, it would be cool to see some version of this idea actually come out - but might be best done by either throwing money around at commissioning and showing off art (from all your favorite fat/expansion artists), or by somehow convincing a wide variety to get in on this (which you definitely could not monetize, if that’s a goal, then). Also, I imagine this game would automatically have a bit of meta, unlike most: evolve, because they’re bigger. Yes, getting bigger monsters (or making them bigger) on the field is always a good thing in the other games…but there are normally decks built around just rushing people down with the wee baby ones. This will probably see a disproportionate amount of people chanting the ‘bigger is better’ mantra, instead of playing a ‘weenie rush’. This is, of course, provided that you ‘life’ in the game isn’t based on your avatar’s ability to hold any more food, and being ‘hurt’ by the enemies monsters isn’t getting stuffed…then some people would probably love to ‘rush weenies’ into their enemies faces (yes, it was intended, even planned), and some might try anything they can to build decks to dip as close to losing as they can. Heck, it would likely have people being a lot less salty about losing, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like an avatar (especially customizable) could only help a project like this, given everything I just mentioned. You might also want to find ways to make the gameplay simpler - maybe even more unique. Also, might I suggest the actual tastes the tongue can detect for “flavors,” instead of rough food types and actual tastes mixed together? In other words: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami (savory) would be the “flavors,” instead of sweets, fruits and veggies, meats, snacks, and drinks. Maybe Sweet to replace Meats (big appeal, lots of calories, too much can turn on you and make you feel sick), Salty to replace Snacks (because snacks normally are, and salty is the most common craving, instead of taking it in the ‘you’re being salty’ direction), Bitter for Fruits and Veggies (because it’s a more ‘refined’ taste, which sometimes takes getting used to, so it’s like a slow enjoyment), Sour for Sweets (hits fast, doesn’t last, cleanses the palate), Umami for Drinks (umami is the taste that takes more to extract it from things, sometimes needs cultivation, but packs a real flavor punch when you get it right - like fermenting soy or fish to make things like soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce).

Oh, and just like succubi seem obvious for demons, vampires seem an obvious sub-type for undead.

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Hey thanks for the input, I really appreciate that! Real quick:

  • Yea, it’s a scattered amalgam of those games, I pulled from games I like lol.
  • I intentionally did not go with the tongue flavors because I just don’t think sour or bitter as flavors offer interesting enough design philosophies, and are generally less popular than their contemporaries in the West regardless. I wanted types of food to be the general vibe of the decks since Food is the mana equivalent
  • Well not ALL cards will have evolutions, so many “weenie” cards would be chubby or even fat, if that is their only stage.
  • The subtypes listed were examples, those were not intended to be the complete list of all sub-types ever, such as vampire and succubus were both planned but I just felt I’d had enough examples. As well, I wrote this exact statement above the type list. Also, I didn’t list a single human subtype, but I planned on having some subtypes for humans if I did enough thematically similar normie people, like spellcasters/mages or something.
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I did see that you said it wasn’t a complete list - I suppose I just thought it weird you left out one you showed elsewhere, and one commonly used in everything (including expansion themes). Maybe it’s just my mind going ‘I’d normally try to use the example to develop interest, so I’d list the most popular, if anything’. Not that it really matters - just different thinking, I guess.

I feel like most Western people just don’t know they like things in the groups like sour and bitter - even if they really do, given what sells. Sour candies are huge, as are basically any snacks with some vinegar content (salt and vinegar chips, pickles, etc.) or citrus. Bitter things are maybe the ‘least’ popular, besides things that are bitter, yet have the bitterness masked - like chocolate and coffee. But, I’m not the one thinking about making the game, so there’s really no reason for me to try to push the idea further than ‘here’s something I think makes more sense,’ followed by ‘here’s my reasoning in counterpoint to your response’. It’ll be interesting to see where this project goes, regardless.

As far the the evolution, and ‘weenie’ cards not having them…maybe I’m just too big into gaining and expansion, instead of just bigness, and didn’t consider some people’s interest isn’t so much in ‘make them bigger’ as it is ‘I just want them to be bigger than small’. Well, guess I showed my…hand…in what sort of playstyle I’d go with…

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here’s a title my friend, The Fatyioh Weighting Card Game

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How about Pound Packs when you buy more cards?
As for the name of the game… How about Sweet hand?

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I appreciate the input everybody! Most likely will not ve doing a yugioh pun lol, and I might avoid “Sweet” since that likely will be just one aspect of the game, whether I go with food types or flavors.

How about Gathering Weight: The Card Game?

Also, that spoiler card you posted looks amazing. Veryyyyyyyy keen for more

I’m not too sure I wanna lean in on any direct parody for the title, since it borrows from a few, so I don’t wanna scare off other fans/insinuate that it will be more like Magic than anything else to Magic fans.

Also thanks lol that “card” is a pretty scuffed mockup, and the art is NOT final because I don’t want to be stealing art for the project, that was there purely for an example piece.

One of the discord server’s amazing members put this together as a cleaner version, and I definetly think its a good direction


Holy moly! Now that is fineeeeee.

Did you settle on the engine you wanted to use for the game?

not at all haha, apologies, this is still in the “ideas” phase for a reason

I look forward to this being playable

also your invite link has expired

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My apologies, it’s been some time since I’ve worked on this project. IRL stuff and the other game I’m more actively working on have taken priority. I have concepts for this WIP, but I need artists and, if we’re going with a digital card game, need some help in that development realm.

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its alright mate, the last year has been difficult for a lot of people and i dont hold anything that had happened against you.

in regards to a development team, i have a background in 2d and 3d visual work, may i be of help with this game?

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