The Weight of Your Crimes


Having been put in prison due to the unjust actions of a corrupted parking attendant (and not for destruction of private property), Zenn and her partner Olivia are now put in a difficult situation.

The new game Zenn has been waiting tirelessly for releases tomorrow, and being in prison kinda makes it hard to play it.

So instead of waiting patiently for her (considerably lenient) sentence to pass, she decides it’s time for a jail break. But she will need to push herself (and Olivia’s stomach) to the limits to have any hope to escape.

This is the first project I have managed to “complete”. And it has been a fun journey ‘pushing my own limits’ over the last couple weeks. There are a lot of rough patches and cut corners, but I am satisfied with what I was able to make.


  • Hand made blender assets!

  • Three Two minigames!

  • Emergency food rations to stuff your partner with!

  • A dog!

Download Link:


Cute! I appreciate that as you get stronger in the tasks you earned more. The characters were cute and the premise was suitably zany. The shuffling up and down the rock conveyor amused me more than it had any right to! :laughing:


A cute little sim with equally adorable custom graphics. If I have one point of criticism it’s that the hitboxes on the rock smasher seem like they’re everywhere except the actual center of the rocks that need to be broken?

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That’s because I decided to use a collision detector at the end of the pick. So if it makes contact with any part of a rock (or even two rocks at once) it counts as a hit.

Limiting the hitbox would definitely be a good idea, though I would also need to add feedback like cracks forming or a picking sound to make it more obvious that the rocks are being hit.

Enjoyed the concept and had fun grinding the game, only downside is lack of audio, otherwise, good work :slight_smile:

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That was fun. I did have one complaint- the game punishes you for playing both minigames with the way the stats work. It’s much easier if you focus on one…

…and you planned for that. Well played.

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The game being on Unity piqued my interest, and the grey hair girl has a certain charm to her.

It could’ve been better with some background music as well as sound cues for the mining job, because I was under the impression the hitbox was bad when in fact rocks required two hits at first.

The ending requiring both maxed out strength and stamina should have been communicated to the player too, I did a stamina run my first time and lost, but eventually completed the game.

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