The Weight Romance - A WG Visual Novel made with Ren'Py

I wanted to update you. First of all, I’m continuing the writing of the first part of the story. I’ve added:

  • a dynamic main menu that display the girls at their current weight so that you can have an overview of their progress while you play (and also could add variable backgrounds or even displaying certain characters or not based on story chapter)
  • cherry blossoms and other effects
  • more flashback scenes
  • opening movie

I’ve spent yersterday evening making this 1:35 video showcasing the characters and some game features. It is intended both as the “opening movie” that will play at the start of the game or just after the prologue, and as a sort of advertisement trailer. I will probably update is with CGs scenes or other illustrations when in a more advanced state.

Basically, I made this to hype up myself :sweat_smile:

I hope it will give you a clearer idea of what I’m doing ahah.


I wanted to share with you some more details about the routes and ask for suggestions. Each girl will have her “route”. As I’m thinking of it now, at least for the classmates (which are five), a specific route will start after you make certain choices. At that point, it will be as the main character is romantically interested in that girl and he will mostly focus on her eventually leading to her specific ending. Meanwhile a common route story will continue as well until the end involving mostly all characters.

Anyway, it’s not mandatory to activate a girl’s route to make her gain weight, as that could happen with other choices. It’s obvious that if you enter a route the girl will gain. There won’t be “fit routes” but maybe a weight loss one (?)

For example, Hiromi is a member of the kendo club at school. Let’s say, you will have the choice to go see her train at the dojo a couple of times or show interest in her and if you do, at some point it will trigger her specific route.

As you can see from these screens (text is just a quick placeholder, I apologize for errors), the first two have Hiromi at stage 1 while the third screen is stage 2 with her belly slightly visible under her kimono.

(That kendo uniform is amazing, I am so proud of it ahaha with removable helmet too)

My question is, from a fetish point of view, do you feel like there is some good progress between the two stages?

Or should I make it more obvious. I am a fan of really big girls too and we’ll get there but I wanted to start with little changes. Of course it’s only slightly visible with that outfit but I will always include bikini outfit to showcase the gain better for each stage.

@namad that is why I can’t have textboxes ahah. They will completely cover the bellies, especially with short characters like her. How is the text now? I think it’s quite readable now.

Hiromi route story concept

Hiromi route will revolve around her taking part in a prestigious Inter-High kendo competition. It will start with her training at the dojo with you serving as her “personal slave” as she prepares for the tournament, eventually bringing her a lot of food. As her tsundere facade will start to crumble, it will become a cute route with a lot of fluffy and wholesome moments. Will she be able to contain her gluttony even after the tournament, or will the change be irreversible?

Other thing is I’m trying to fill the backgrounds with other characters as extras (I already have the sprites mostly for students) in different poses so that the game doesn’t feel like there are 5 people in the entire world.

Now, time that I go to see a full kendo tournament on youtube to do some researches for Hiromi route!


I’m a fan of not having huge gaps between weight stages and it being too drastic of a leap, especially if larger sizes will be an eventual thing. I think as long as it’s noticeably different between each stage with out have to compare two images side by side it will be fine. It doesn’t feel like too little, there is a noticeable difference in my opinion and as you indicated this is only one view of her where she is fully covered up.


I agree on that, it’s better to have more stage with something gradual than some before after going 0 to 100


This trailer is so well done! Great job! Excited to play the game! :slight_smile:

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I am proud to showcase you Yuna’s first three stages (dress). There will be bikini sprites surely for the first and the third one, maybe I’ll skip bikini for the second because there are only minor changes. Today I had the brillant idea to switch to “full body” sprites while before the legs weren’t fully visible, so now I am converting all the sprites to show legs as well. Of course this mean more delay ahah. I hope you like it!

I expect it will took a full week for the conversion, at least for the stages I have now, but I think it’s worth it.

Of course feel free to criticize, I’m always taking suggestions. If you have some particular part of the body you like to see bigger… I can already tell stage 4 will have face gain, slight breast gain and a more rounder belly for almost all characters. I won’t spoil you the other characters though.


Thank you so much! I hope I can finish the new build soon!


The transition between the thickness of the legs on the third and second sprite is too abrupt, especially when compared to the transition from the first to the second.
I think it would be good to make the legs on the second sprite a little bit bigger.

I also noticed that the character’s belly button is unnaturally high placed.
It’s especially high on the third sprite.
It would be nice to lower it a bit.

But otherwise, it looks really good.
And of course, I’m looking forward to seeing her getting bigger in all places on the next sprites. )


That’s not her belly button but just a little “artifact”! Thanks for telling me though, I already edited it.

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“My question is, from a fetish point of view, do you feel like there is some good progress between the two stages?”

I also like really big girls. But I believe that the difference in their size at the stages should be small. So that their weight gain looks smooth and natural from small to really big sizes.

By the way, I checked out the trailer. It looks promising. I was especially intrigued by the size of the silhouettes behind the characters.)
I wonder if this is just for example, or is it the maximum size of the characters?


The silhouettes are like the 4 or 5 stage and no it’s not maximum, potentially there will be “bigger” sizes but I still need to see if that can work for all characters. It’s still all VERY much in early stage ahah.

For the transistion between stages, yeah I also like small changes but at the same time I find beautiful when there’s that shock moment and you see the girl is different and much fatter than before :slight_smile:


I feel like sharing some more informations as I do things. So, all the following images are probably huge spoilers for one character so avoid looking at them if you prefer. They will just give a hint of what I’m trying to accomplish.

These are the first four conceptual stages for Ellen, again with dress. There is already bikini version for first and third stage (fourth will have another special costume). As you can see the fourth features face gain too and is not finished because I’m tired this evening ahah

Edit: these are not all the stages. There will be at least other two stages for each character.

The screenshots are meant to give you an idea of why I’m going all the “trouble” to remake full body sprites, that is to be able to do shots with one/more characters near the player and others at different distances. And of course, to better showcase the gain :wink: I hope that with this, 20+ different very simple facial expressions and little camera movement when backgrounds permit, those hours of dialogue will feel a bit lighter.

Keep in mind that with the writing I’m not even close to the part of the game where Ellen (or other characters) actually get to stage 4. That will be like, in my head at least, about several hours into the game. As you can see though, the system is already implemented where characters can be at different stages depending on your choices (in the screen Ellen is at 4, Rize at 1 and Yuna at 2)

Other things I can say are that I will include some “chibi-like” scenes and, unfortunately for the release date and my health, I came up with the brilliant idea of inserting a videogame inside the game’s world that the characters play and that will be the theme for one story arc. That won’t be a visual novel but a first person shooter. Of course that won’t be a playable game too, just some first person shooter screens that will show when the characters play it. So I was having fun moving weapon sprites along the screen to simulate shooting, shaking the camera etc. That is really how to waste time :rofl:


For the transistion between stages, yeah I also like small changes but at the same time I find beautiful when there’s that shock moment and you see the girl is different and much fatter than before.

Yes, such moments can indeed be pleasantly surprising.
But in this case, the reaction of the girl herself to the changes is also very important.
As for me, in this case, the girl’s reaction to weight gain is almost as important as the weight gain itself. )

The silhouettes are like the 4 or 5 stage and no it’s not maximum, potentially there will be “bigger” sizes

I’m glad to hear that. It’s already interesting to see their progress.)

It’s still all VERY much in early stage ahah.

I hope the development will go according to plan. I look forward to the next updates.


By the way, how will the characters’ reactions to changes in their weight be organized?
Can we get some details on what is planned?

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I think I will play with a little bit of everything. Some will be in total denial while others will develop a more positive attitude towards their weight.

The protagonist isn’t a feeder/fat lover from the start but will acknowledge that in the process. I plan to include a lot of weight talk anyway (girls talking about their body changes etc.)

Thin characters will make comments and tease those who got fatter, of course :wink:

A little bonus, first two outfits for Furukawa Moe, the 34 year old protagonist’s homeroom teacher that is obviously crazy about him and whose once enviable figure suffered a bit because of her sedentary job and unsatisfying love life. Unlike other girls, she will start as already a little chubby. It’s just a mockup so I still need to refine everything, as usual. I already revealed her character in an earlier post, and yes, I recycled her face from my previous game but she’s a lot cuter now :rofl:


It sounds really interesting.
Thanks for sharing the details.

I think it would be interesting to see how the main character also discovers his fetish. If at first he would be shy, then later he would be more and more open about his preferences for bigger women.

And talking about weight gain is like an art form. This part is almost as important as the weight gain itself.

It would also be interesting to see how women react to weight gain and how others react to it. And also how their conversations with the protagonist about it become more and more frank and lustful over time.

And how the girls become more and more open about the changes in their bodies over time.
Some of them would have been positive about it from the very beginning, and just after a while they talked more freely about it.
Some were neutral at first, but then they started to like it.
And some would be upset at first, but then react with sincere delight to each unit of weight they gained.